Standing Walls & Galleries: Discover the Art Scene in Amman

From the tryst of yesteryear’s history to glitzy modern Amman, Jordan is an electrifying destination with stunning and mysterious sights, labyrinthine souks, Turkish Baths, and various activities that allow tourists to experience fun, adventure and relaxation. Besides these, Amman’s burgeoning art scene adds additional value to the city. Here’s a guide on flourishing art scene in this astonishing city that one must experience.

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

Jordan National Gallery of Fine ArtsIf you’re looking for contemporary art in Amman, then Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts is the place to go. The permanent collection of the museum consists of more than 2000 works including paintings, photographs, weavings, prints, ceramics, etc. by contemporary artists from a number of developing countries. Visit its huge collection of arts and experience Jordan’s rich visual art history.

Address: Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Hosni Fareez Street, Amman

Timings: Monday to Friday 9 AM – 7 PM & closed on Fridays

Phone: +962 6 463 0128

The Khalid Shoman Foundation Darat Al Funun

Darat Al FununLocated just a few minutes away from King Faisal Street, Darat al Funun is one of the edgier galleries in Amman.The Khalid Shoman Foundation Darat Al Funun brings the visual arts together by hosting various film screenings, cultural events, and innovative art performances, cultural events throughout the year. Now the Darat Al Funun has become a home for arts that housed in six revamped historical buildings.

Address: Nadim Al-Mallah St 13, Amman

Timings: 10 AM – 7 PM & closed on Fridays

Phone: +962 6 464 3251

Jacaranda Images

Jacaranda ImagesJacaranda Images is a unique art gallery in Amman dedicated to prints and works on paper. Artworks at the Jacaranda Images include Screen prints, lithographs, photographs, etchings, reproductions and posters, sourced from around the globe. Also it holds regular exhibitions throughout the year to inspire you and intrigue you.

Are you looking for the best gallery to buy art pieces at affordable prices? Then head to Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman, the own space of Jacaranda Images to purchase the best art collection.

Address: Omar Bin Al Khattab Street, 1st Circle, Jabal Amman, Amman

Timings: 11 AM – 8 PM

Phone: +962-6 464 4050

Fann Wa Chai

Fann Wa ChaiLocated in Jabal Weibdeh, Fann Wa Chai combines both café and art gallery. Fann Wa Chai is a fabulous place to take a look at art and even buy fabulous art pieces or simply indulge in an array of teas. You can also taste different kinds of snacks and beverages. To give visitors an extraordinary experience, they play marvelous music from Fairuz and Um Kulthoom to even indie.

Fann Wa Chai is situated in the Kulliyat Al Sharee’ah Street in Weibdeh. A number of events take place at this gallery from violin nights to art competitions. Don’t miss to attend its events (checkout before you go)!

Address: Complex No 25, Kullyet Al Sharea St 25, Amman

Timings: 9 AM to 12 AM

Phone: +962 7 9808 2004

Street Art

Walls are the canvas in these streets.

Amman Street artThough street art is a new phenomenon, the city is home to numerous incredibly talented graffiti artists like Suhaib Attar, Yara Hindawi, Wesam Shadid and many. Keep an eye on the walls while you’re exploring the city. Enjoy a stroll in idyllic streets of Jabal Al Weibdeh, downtown to spot the attractive and perfectly sculpted murals.

CSBE has developed an interactive map to document works of street art in Amman. Keep this handy for your next trip to the city. Click here for the map.

Amman Design Week

Amman Design WeekAmman Design Week is a hallmark event of Jordan supported by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. It is playing a major role to empower designers, makers, mentors, students, through its comprehensive program of curated exhibitions, workshops, events, etc. The week creates knowledge and growth opportunities through a year-long programme utilizing this nine-day focal point and runs biennially and the third edition is expected to place in October 2019.


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