Saudi Arabia Welcomes Hayya Card Holders During World Cup

Planning a trip to Qatar? Why visit one country when you can see several? Make one convenient itinerary and explore Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a single trip. The Saudi Tourism Authority has announced multiple-entry tourist visas for travelers holding a valid Hayya Card. The World Cup visitors must have a Hayya Card, which grants access to Qatar and the stadiums.

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A Perfect Getaway!

Saudi Arabia is indeed a perfect getaway; you can plan and pay a visit while you are in Qatar. There are countless hidden gems in  Saudi that are waiting to be explored. It’s your chance to explore the untouched Aseer, Taif, Al Ula, Al Ahsa, and the most popular Jeddah and Riyadh. 

Travelers can get this card through an online application process, and holders of the Hayya Card will be able to comfortably plan a trip to Saudi before, during, and after the World Cup. The card makes it easier for first-time and returning visitors to explore the closer destinations from Qatar.

Saudi is beyond your imagination
Saudi is calling…

Since Saudi Arabia is geographically close to Qatar, travelers and football fans can arrange their stay as they can find much cheaper options in the Kingdom. Apart from the proximity, tourists can explore authentic Arabian culture and adventure. What awaits you in Saudi is beyond your imagination. The Kingdom is all set with a vibrant schedule of entertainment events, including MDLBeast, Red Sea Film Festival, Riyadh Season, and Winter at Tantoura in AlUla, to make your visit fruitful and unforgettable.

To improve air connectivity, Saudi will offer 40 shuttle flights per day from Jeddah and Riyadh to Doha; on days when the Saudi team is playing, the number may increase to 60 flights per day.

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Visas will allow travelers to stay in Saudi Arabia for 60 days, starting ten days before the competition.

The Red Sea of Jeddah
As Beautiful As Saudi!

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