Riyadh Season 2021- All that you need to know!

Events, venues, and tickets

After astonishing the world with its first season of Riyadh Season, Saudi Arabia has raised their benchmark again with the brand new season of the event! After a year and a half of COVID struggles and restrictions, season 2 has been proving to be one of the biggest events ever. Organized by the General Entertainment Authority, the event spans over 5 months, from October 20 till March 2022. Coming with a tagline #Imagine_More, it asks the visitors to think out of the box, for the surfeit of activities, events, and surprises they have in store. 


A season of numbers

4.5 million! That’s the number of people who have visited the ongoing Riyadh Season within a period of one month. With a total of 7,500 days and 14 diversified zones, this season has been spectacular! Reports also suggested that more than 122000 jobs were also offered by the season. 


The stunning venues

Riyadh Season is spread across 14 thematic zones.


Boulevard Riyadh City -The food and family hub!
What to expect?

Starting from the large square with mega digital screens, to an amazing snow city where you can enjoy multiple winter games, the Boulevard Riyadh City has 9 sub-zones with specifically customized events, restaurants, and shops. Another spectacle is the Dancing Fountain, which features live events, music, and fine dining. 

Riyadh City Boulevard ( Source: Al Arabiya )
Riyadh City Boulevard ( Source: Al Arabiya )
Winter Wonderland – The family leisure area!
What to expect?

With more games and entertainment options this year, Winter Wonderland comes with 52 games and six areas suitable for all ages. 

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland ( Source: Al Arabiya )
Via Riyadh – The lavish shopping district!
What to expect?

You get to experience the identity of Riyadh in every corner. The visitors can enjoy cinema, restaurants, stores of famous brands, and accommodation in international hotels. 

Riyadh Oasis – The desert dunes!
What to expect?

Head over to the desert dunes of Riyadh Oasis to enjoy among the sands in an area far from the crowds and to explore international restaurants, night camps, and musical events.

Riyadh Oasis ( Source: Deccan Herald )
Riyadh Oasis ( Source: Deccan Herald )
Zaman village –  A traditional journey!
What to expect?

Expect to turn back your clock while in the Zaman village, where you get to enjoy a lot of traditional performances and art scenes that depict the history and culture of the place. 

For the full list of venues, Click here


Food lovers, gather!

There are more than 200 restaurants and 70 cafes taking part in this year’s Riyadh Season. For all the foodies out there, we’d like to round up some of the best eats. 

Novikov Restaurant & Lounge – ( Zone: Riyadh Oasis )

Novikov, the Chinese-Japanese restaurant is famous for its open kitchen concept and an amazing display of seafood and vegetables.

Novikov ( Source: Instagram )
Novikov ( Source: Instagram )
 Le Grand Venise  (Zone: Riyadh Oasis)

Italian cuisine at its best! The must-try category includes cannelloni, lasagna, and veal. 

Le Grand Venise ( Souce: Instagram )
Le Grand Venise ( Souce: Instagram )
Spago  ( Zone: Via Riyadh )

Visit Spago and enjoy the authentic Californian tastes.

Spago ( Source: Instagram )
Spago ( Source: Instagram )
Madeo  ( Zone: Via Riyadh )

A definite try for this season, Madeo serves the best Italian cuisine with Tuscan accents.

Scott’s  ( Zone: Via Riyadh )

It is one of London’s finest seafood institutions with a lot of fresh fish and shellfish collection, along with enough meat choices.

Scott's ( Source: Instagram )
Scott’s ( Source: Instagram )


Home to Mega Events

Soundstorm Music Festival

One of the world’s biggest music festivals under the new name ‘Soundstrom’ is all set to rock the city. The big names participating in the show include Tiesto, DJ Snake, and electronic music pioneer Jeff Mills. 

Date: Dec 16-19, 2021

Tickets: 135 SAR 

Soundstorm Music Fest
Soundstorm Music Fest ( Source: Arabnews )


‘Messi10’ by Cirque du Soleil 

Another major event that has been widely searched for! The show narrates the life story of Messi from childhood until he became the legend that he’s today. This is the first time they are presenting a true story in the form of a fictional circus show. 

Date: Nov 10 – Dec 10, 2021

Tickets: 75 SAR – 600 SAR

‘Messi10’ by Cirque du Soleil 
‘Messi10’ by Cirque du Soleil


Riyadh Front Zone

The art lovers will be on a high this year as 9 international shows will be hosted in Riyadh Front Zone. The previous events like Jewelry Salon, which featured the most expensive mask, and the Riyadh Toy festival have hit the headlines already. 


Riyadh Car Show

This will be the largest automobile exhibition ever in the Middle East. It offers unique experiences and activities for car enthusiasts. The global leaders in the industry have been taking part in the event and the visitors will see the rarest, most luxurious, and fastest type of cars.

Date: Nov 18 – Dec 18,2021

Tickets: 150 SAR 

Riyadh Car Show ( Source: Arabnews )
Riyadh Car Show ( Source: Arabnews )
The War Zone

One of the zones in Riyadh Season 2, ‘Combat Fieldpromises live-action games, adventures, and events for the visitors. The games include paintball, battlefields, and escape rooms. Along with it, the visitors can also expect firearm stores, galleries of old-time guns, and many events. It’s described as a ‘journey through history!’

Combat Field Zone
Combat Field Zone

Sporting events 

The adventure and sports enthusiasts can have a good time at various avenues like the First fly where you can experience flying against gravity. There are various other events awaiting like multi-level indoor racing, interactive football games played with friends and family, skateboarding, biking, and so on.

The Riyadh Season 2 wouldn’t disappoint football lovers too! Some of the greats of the game would set the event on fire. Two important football matches are scheduled for this season. The mighty Paris Saint Germain with Messi and Neymar will play alongside local clubs Al Hilal and Al Nassr. The tournament will take place in the third week of January 2022.

Riyadh Season Cup ( Source: Saudigazette )
Riyadh Season Cup ( Source: Saudigazette )

And this is just a glimpse of over 7600 events that will take place at this grand festival. 


All safety measures in place

Riyadh Season 2 has been going on with all the COVID-19 regulations in place, laid out by the General Entertainment Authority. Only fully vaccinated adults will be permitted to take part in the events and activities. (Exception: Children under the age of 12 with no symptoms.) 

Buy tickets for Riyadh Season

The season tickets for this year’s Riyadh Season can be obtained through the ‘Tawakkalna’, application, and through the website.

Regular tickets can be purchased from the Riyadh Season mobile application or website. The ticket prices start at SAR 115 and go up to SAR 800.

Have more queries? Here is your guide to the Riyadh Season.

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