RIYADH OASIS – Experience magic amidst sand dunes!

The Riyadh Season has been making waves since kick-off, and one of the reasons for its success is for sure, the Riyadh Oasis. Far-flung from the city’s hubbubs, the visitors are living a magical experience in this zone. It’s your time to explore the culmination of the finest forms of art, music, and food!


Riyadh Oasis Attractions


Out of the many highlights in the Riyadh Oasis, the first thing that lures the visitors is the extensive art section.


Run towards the Arab art forms

Relish the interactive art forms created by Saudi Artists! Paintings, installations, graffiti murals, and much more are waiting to engage the visitors. 

An installation at Riyadh Oasis
An installation at the Riyadh Oasis


Explore the Najdi Heritage Area

The craftspeople will leave you mesmerized! Najdi crafts are popular for the rich and unique lifestyle it represents. They have been producing traditional handicrafts for generations despite the advancements in technology. Discover the crafts again at the Riyadh season, with a touch of contemporary influence this time. 

The Najdi Craft
The Najdi Craft
The stage is set

With the nights astounding, and the ambiance more serene than ever, the stage has been set for the cultural events. Hosted on the Oasis stage, a selected group of Arab musicians and artists performs every week. Nawal Al Kuwaiti’s concert was the event opener, followed by concerts of the most famous Arab artists such as Majed Almohandis, Yara, Angham, Asil Abu Bakr, and Asala Nasri. There are more interesting events waiting to happen. 

The Oasis stage
The Oasis stage


Relax at the Dakkat Oasis

Pause for a minute and take your seats choosing from the four different seating areas at the Dakkat Oasis. With each one having its own unique feel and style, the visitors can relax around palms listening to the soothing melodies. 

Dakkat Oasis
Dakkat Oasis ( Credits: Mathrubhumi )


Shop till you drop 

Riyadh Oasis has abundant shopping opportunities in store. Explore more than 25 local fashion brands and readymade collections. 


Experience the night camps

Spend your winter nights staying right in the heart of the desert. The night camping at the Oasis is a mind-blowing experience where the visitors get to stay in luxurious tents, with outdoor seating, live music, and other entertaining shows. 

The night camps
The night camps


Try a hand at the sporting activities 

Oasis never lets you settle for less! With an array of activities to choose from, it keeps the visitors on their toes. Play bowling and polo with a little Saudi touch to everything. Enjoy mini-golf in its finest forms too. 


Be ready for adventure

If adventure is your thing, Oasis lets you enjoy it to the fullest. Be at the edge of your seats, driving through the golden sands on exciting buggies. 

Sand dune buggy
Sand dune buggy


Bless your taste buds 

Riyadh Oasis is a meeting place of tastes from around the world. Let yourself be immersed in the wide range of lavish international restaurants and authentic cuisines. Here’s a list of the top restaurants that fill your heart!


(1) Novikov Restaurant & Lounge

Novikov has come all the way from Asia to the middle east, delivering the Asian colors in their diversified menu. Try various authentic Asian recipes served at the best!

Or, if you wish to take your senses back to Europe, try from the Italian menu, created out of the best of Italy’s cuisines. 

Novikov Asian cuisines
Novikov Asian cuisines ( Credits: TSYPR )
(2) Ankita

Fancy having from a luxurious setting? Ankita has got you covered. With a sumptuous collection of Lebanese cuisines, they invite you for dinner. 


(3) Girafe

If you’re a French cuisine lover, Girafe is the place you shouldn’t miss. The finest options from French cuisine are best served to add warmth to the Oasis experience.

Girafe's exclusive French cuisines
Girafe’s exclusive French cuisines
(4) Le Grand Venise

Get ready to jump out of joy as you savor the best products of the Italian cuisine at Le Grand Venise. 

Le Grand Venise
Le Grand Venise

The Oasis timings

On weekdays: 3 pm – 3 am

On weekends:  1 pm – 3 am. 


Book your tickets for the restaurants

Use the Chefz app to book tickets early for the restaurants. The reservation charges are between SR500 and SR860. 


Riyadh Season, the year’s biggest event, has got surprises waiting for you! We have listed out the main zones, enchanting events, and the travel guidelines here to make your job easier! 


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