Revealing the Hidden Gems of Middle East & North Africa

The Middle East & North African region is blessed with ancient history, captivating attractions, miles-long seashores, breathtaking views, beautiful desert, delicious cuisine, fantastic architecture, and much more. The multi-faceted region satisfies everyone from adventure seekers, nature lovers to food lovers. Make the most of your holidays by exploring the following hidden and beautiful destinations from the region.

We have short-listed the best of the best from the Middle East & North Africa for an unrivaled holiday experience.

Go 1,000 years back in Morocco


Fez – one of the most authentic and historic Moroccan cities. Fez or Fes is divided into three parts – the original old town, Fes el-Bali and Fes el-Jedid. Enjoy a stroll near the popular blue gate of Bab Boujeloud and you’ll literally feel like walking through 1,000 years of Moroccan heritage.  Explore the colorful covered markets and bustling outdoor markets of the city.

Things that you shouldn’t miss in Fez

  • Exploring Fez’s old town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit the living historic mosque – Quaraouiyine Mosque
  • Explore Fez’s leather souk – the oldest and largest traditional tanneries

Float on the Salt Sea of Jordan

Dead Sea

Take a dip in the sea where you can’t sink! Explore the world’s deepest hyper saline, the Dead Sea in Jordan. Do you know that the asphalt from the Dead Sea had used for the embalming of Egyptian mummies? The mineral-rich black mud of the Dead Sea is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. Explore the amazing part of Jordan and experience the restorative vacation by applying rich black and stimulating mud of this saltiest water body on all your body.

Things to do in the Dead Sea region:

  • Enjoy the spa treatments on shores of the Dead Sea
  • Choose a perfect shoreline resort and make the most of the Dead Sea
  • Go for hiking and mountain biking trails at Mount Sodom

Explore the green fields of Oman


Have you ever visited this hidden gem of Oman? Here comes the clue to find the hidden gem – the entire year, this Middle East & North Africa region remains a desert/dry land and transforms into land full of greenery during Khareef/ autumn. Yes, it is Salalah in Oman. Salalah amazingly turns into beautiful green and attracts locals and tourist alike.

Things that you shouldn’t miss in Salalah:

  • Explore greenish Salalah during the Salalah Festival (July–September of every year) and enjoy cultural and traditional shows of locals.
  • Enjoy touring the Al Baleed Archaeological Park – open air Archaeological site
  • Take a trip in a local wooden boat to relax and watch the natural beauty of Salalah
  • Experience amazing anti-gravity point near Tawi Atair / Mirbat.

Hit the slopes of the Middle East & North Africa regions’s largest ski resort

Mzaar Kfardebian

Yes, it’s nothing but Mzaar Kfardebian in Lebanon! Mzaar Kfardebian is one hour drive away from Beirut. Immerse in the natural beauty of mountains in Mzaar Kfardebian. Bring the spirit of adventure and go crazy in the snow and fun-filled activities. Explore the Mzaar ski resort and make memories that last for lifetime.

Indulge in the activities like

  • Ski like a snow bunny at Mzaar (alpine skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skate skiing)
  • Try mouthwatering Lebanese cuisine at its restaurants / enjoy outdoor barbeque
  • Bring your sense of adventure at Mzaar
  • Enjoy year round sports – hiking, mountain biking, clay-pigeon shooting, paragliding, ATV riding, rappelling, and much more

Enjoy a sweet escape in the UAE


Take your family and enjoy the turquoise waters of the United Arab Emirates i.e. Fujairah. It is a beautiful, modern, and industrious city with fantastic seashores.

Top things that you shouldn’t miss in Fujairah

  • Bull Butting – a popular attraction of the city organizes on every Friday
  • Never miss visiting Al Badiyah Mosque – the oldest extant mosque
  • Indulge in picturesque beauty of its beaches and enjoy its water sport activities

So, which one you are picking? Start your travel today! Today’s journeys are tomorrow’s memories!

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