Omani food – An exciting ride of flavors

Every country has its distinct food, but when it comes to an exciting ride of flavors and tastes, Omani food does not leave a foodie disappointed. Known as the “Jewel of Arabia,” Oman’s strategic port location has a multitude of influence on its culture, lifestyle and of course food. You will find influences of Indian and African cooking as well as their spices in Omani cuisine. Nevertheless, Omani cuisine has its distinct taste that leaves you wanting for more.

To help you choose the top dishes that are a ‘must try,’ we have made a list for you.


Top Dishes to be Tried in Oman



Shuwa is probably the most famous dish in Oman and prepared during special occasions like Eid. The dish is cooked using a long process of slow cooking in a sand oven. Meat, typically lamb or camel meat, is firstly marinated with spices and then wrapped in banana leaves finally to be placed in the sand oven. After a day or two, the meat is taken out, perfectly infused with the spices and served on a bed of rice.


This dish, also known as Qabsa, is usually served during weddings or celebratory events. The dish consists of a heady amalgamation of spices and spicy meat mixed with rice. This hearty meal will leave your taste buds satiated.



This delicious meat on skewers is a tempting street food offering from Oman. Marinated seafood and meat is grilled on charcoal. It is served hot with chili or tamarind sauce. You can also eat it with Arab bread.



Harees – a dish that looks as simple as a porridge but lets you explore the tastes buds that are entirely new to you. Cooked overnight with equally simple ingredients of meat and broken wheat, Harees is served with dates and cinnamon. Harees is a dish that will entice you for more than one serving.



Halwah is an Omani dessert made using sugar and various flavors like rosewater, nuts or chocolate often served along with Kahwa, the Omani tea.



Dates are the staple of Oman and are available in a wide variety of taste, shape, and color. Make sure to try the dates or better yet eat the dates fresh off the palm trees.



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