Nature’s Treasure Jizan

Jizan or Jazan is a beautiful port city in Saudi Arabia and is also the capital of Jizan region. Nestled in the southwest of the Kingdom on the coast of the Red Sea, Jizan has many natural wonders that certainly qualify to be added to every travelers bucket list.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Jizan


Farasan Island

farasanFarasan Islands are a must visit if you’re in Jizan. Only a short trip away, these islands are a natural wonder where you can enjoy coral reefs, diving, snorkeling, and historical sites.


Al-Khoubah Hot Springs

Hot Spring in Al KhoubahAround 75 kms away from the city, Al-Khoubah hot springs definitely deserve a visit. Soak in the natural hot waters known to possess many healing properties and relieve your stress.


Fifa Mountains

fifaThese lush green mountains are a popular tourist site owning to their natural charm. Hike in the mountains and watch nature at its best with some historical fortresses scattered along the edge of the mountains.


Heritage Village

villageThe Heritage Village dates back to 15th century. You will see marks of history in this village wherever you will lay your eyes. Traditional houses made of mud and stones, ancient art, old market, handicraft exhibition and a lot more will transport you back to the a different time.


Golden BeachbeachIf you’re looking to spend some quiet time with just tour thoughts and the sea for company, head to the Golden Beach (also called Beesh Beach). This beach has a lot to offer and you can indulge in diving, snorkeling, swimming and much more.

Jizan awaits your arrival.

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