Museum of Illusions Dubai Will Make You Rub Your Eyes in Disbelief!

Don't get fooled by what you see

They say “If a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure that an illusion hides more than a million!” and the newly opened Museum of Illusions in Dubai will trick you, amaze you, confuse you but also educate you.

The museum is a must visit for all generations and is a perfect place for family outing, friends’ get-together or for some fun time with your better half.

Location of Museum of Illusions

Al Seef – Dubai Creek – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Open Timings:

Sunday to Wednesday: 10 am – 10 pm

Thursday to Saturday: 10 am – 12 midnight

Museum of Illusions Dubai Ticket Price:

Adult: 80 AED

Children (5-15 years): 60 AED

Family ticket: 225 AED (Includes 2 adults with max. 2 children between 5-15 years old)

Free entry for kids under 3

Virtual Tour of Dubai Museum of Illusions before the Actual Visit

The museum boasts of the largest collection of optical illusions in the Museum of Illusions’ worldwide portfolio. The Dubai venue has 80 exhibits that will play with your visual and sensory experiences.

Dubai Musuem of Illusions
P.C: Dubai Week

There are three different form of illusion exhibit in this wacky museum in Dubai:

  • Image – This includes optical, photo, and holograms related illusion
  • Installations – This has The Mirror, The Bottomless Pit, Stereogram, Kaleidoscope, True Mirror, Head on the Platter, The Mirage, The Rubin’s Vase, and Hollow Face Illusion.
  • Room – This includes The Chair Illusion, Ames Room, Anti-gravity Room, Rotated Room, Infinity Room, and the Vortex Tunnel.
P.C: Times Out Dubai

Just a Heads-up before you Visit this Confusing World

  • Vortex Tunnel tricks you into thinking the ground is shifting.
  • The Ames Room would shrink you or make you look big depending on their position.
P.C: Dubai Week
  • As the name suggests, Anti-gravity Room will shake up your believe in the Physics laws as your brain and eyes make unconscious inferences about whether you are standing on a flat or slanted surface.
  • Visual illusion would remind you that our senses are not perfect and the perception of the world we have is often distorted.
  • The Mirage is the best one. It will remind you of your childhood of hide n seek game. It will make you believe that you are seeing a real 3D object and then would prompt you to grab it and end up with a handful of air.

Are you ready for the illusion trip?

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