Listen, The Mountains Of Abha Are Echoing!


Abha is the heart and capital of Aseer. The place features many beautiful hilly regions of Arabia. Abha is situated at the southernmost part of the Red Sea, and the city has many attractions for the traveler in you to explore. Adventure, shopping, festivals, you name it, and you will find it here in Abha. The mountains of Abha are worth visiting. The Sarawat Mountains surround the majority of Abha. The breathtaking and the cloud-covered mountain view will steal your heart. Consider visiting Abha as a treat for yourself. This article will help you to know about the famous mountains of Abha. Click here to know all and more about Aseer!

Mountains of Abha

The Mountains of Abha

Jabal Sawda

Jabal Sawda is the highest point in Saudi Arabia. Since Aseer is situated on a high plateau and has the highest peaks, this region receives the most rainfall of any region in Saudi Arabia. This point is only 35 mins away from Abha. The Sarawat Mountains, which parallel the Arabian Peninsula’s western coast, include the peak in the mountain range; parts of its mountains are covered in flora, while most are made of rocky terrain.

Breathtaking views
Adventure awaits!

Things to do in Jabal Sawda

  • Explore the camping spots
  • Try climbing and hiking
  • Visit the Aseer National Park


Al Namas

The picturesque Al Namas is beyond beautiful. It is worth a visit, at least for better pictures of your gram! Take pictures of Al Namas’s stunning scenes. Al Namas is the greatest destination to travel to during your summer vacation if you want to get away from the hot summer because it rarely gets hotter than 29°C during the peak of summer. These mountain ranges of Abha await you with a rare beauty, a tranquil breeze, and a place to relax.

Mountains can be your happy place
Sky above. Earth below. Peace within

Take a stroll through its mists, stand on the peak and enjoy the view. There are many heritage sites here that reflect distinctive architectural arts. Make sure you don’t miss them during your visit. Al Namas welcomes its tourists with pleasantly mild weather. The Palace of Civilizations, also known as Al-Maqar, is one of the most attractive places here. Every nook here has a color inspired by the culture of Aseer with its diversity of vivid trees and colorful nature.



It says that Soudah is Saudi Arabia’s unofficial outdoor adventure capital. Soudah is a part of the Aseer National Park. The site is perfect for hiking and camping trips and will be your favorite spot if you are an adventure lover. Apart from the must-do activities, camping trips, and hiking, this region is also home to remnants of ancient tribal culture, particularly in the historic village of Rijal Almaa, which is located west of Soudah.

The annual Flowerman Festival in this location highlights the native Aseri tribe’s culture, especially the men’s flower-wrapped headdresses. People from all across Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world come here for vacations as this place offers a pleasant climate and tranquil ambiance, the most welcoming locals, and of course, the most delicious food.

World is quiet here
Get over the hill, not the view!

Things to do in Soudah

  • Check out the cable car rides
  • Enjoy the games like water balloon and giant sliders
  • Try the racing cars
  • If you love adventure, make sure to try the paragliding

The Fog Walkway

The Fog Walkway is one of Saudi Arabia’s most stunning natural wonders and tourist destinations. This captivating sight, situated in the southern city of Abha on a mountainside, gives tourists the impression that they are wandering through clouds and fog.

Find joy in journey
Hike more, worry less

The promenade, which provides tourists with a unique experience, looks out over the gorgeous Tihama mountains and is always cold and foggy. A fog walkway is a perfect place if you want to take a break and stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. As the place is at a high altitude, the entire walkway is mainly covered with fog, making the walkway special. The walkway is made up of a 600 m long pedestrian bridge.


It's mountain time
The best view comes after the hardest climb

The first impression we get when we hear about Saudi is always the deserts, but Abha contradicts all those thoughts and offers you the most beautiful and mesmerizing mountains. The pleasant weather and the mountains of Abha will always make you want to go. We think your trip to Aseer and exploring Abha is long due. Don’t delay any further. Book your travel with Rehlat and grab exciting offers.

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