Jeddah: The Magical Red Sea & Sunsets


Ahmad ibn Faraj, 16th Century Hijazi chronicler, described Jeddah as “Praise be to god, who has made the port of Jiddah the best of ports.” Jeddah, the Bride of the Red Sea, is one of Saudi’s oldest thriving cities and a crucial trade point. As a passageway to Makkah, Jeddah has been open to pilgrims and traders since ancient times. 

When you visit Jeddah, make sure you will explore the UNESCO-declared world heritage sites. Get a chance to witness the colorful sunset shades shimmering off the divine Red Sea shores. Take a small tour to Jeddah, explore the beauty of the Red Sea, and make the trip memorable! If you are looking for a guide to witness the true beauty of the Red Sea, then read further and learn about the popular tourist destinations on the banks of the Red Sea.

Red Sea, Jeddah

Discover Jeddah Through Its Lifeline – Red Sea

Jeddah is a must-visit place anytime if you are going around the Middle East. Make sure you take the time to discover the unexpected, unimagined Jeddah and the other serene parts of Saudi. Jeddah is the ideal place to have a stopover spot for football fans who are planning to travel for FIFA, as Jeddah is just a two-hour journey from Doha.

Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah Corniche is the city’s waterfront, and it lives up to its popularity. Jeddah’s Corniche is a boardwalk lined with shops, eateries, and cafes. As there are so many things to do here in the Corniche, it’s simple to lose track of time trying out new activities. Everybody comes here to indulge and relish the breathtaking views of the Red Sea.

Undoubtedly, we can say that the waterfront is someplace everybody loves and enjoys. It keeps getting more and more beautiful each year. It’s very relaxing and peaceful, especially during the winter. It’s an excellent place for Cycling, walking, running, and eating while enjoying the sunset. People are always there with their families, even during the night. Spending some time here will make you calm and refreshed. Something special about this place is that it keeps calling you back and making your stay a little longer.

Jeddah Corniche
A Waterfront like no other!

Things to do in Jeddah Corniche

  • Visit the open sea museum
  • Take a stroll in Joy Track
  • Spend a night and adore the beauty of the waterfront
  • Try authentic food from the seaside cafes
  • Shop from the nearby markets

Al Balad

Al Balad is known as the ‘Gate to Mecca.’ As the city is close to sea routes, it was an excellent choice for pilgrims traveling from South and Central Asia and North Africa to rest and relax. Gradually it developed as a significant gathering place. The city attracts millions of pilgrims from around the world who visit Mecca annually. The architecture of Al Balad makes it a distinct and important site from all other tourist spots of Jeddah. With a unique design, these buildings are almost 500 years old. Al Balad is a UNESCO heritage site and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the banks of the Red Sea.

Cobbled Streets of Jeddah
Al Balad, the crowning glory of Jeddah

Things to do in Al Balad

  • Visit Bab Jadid
  • Visit the Nassif House and Bail Al Balad museum
  • Go for a shopping spree
  • Check out the cafes of Al Balad

Khuzama Palace

The most beautiful architectural marvel, Khuzama palace, was the residence of King Abdul Aziz, the first king of Saudi Arabia. The distinctive exquisite architecture reflects the designs of the 1930s. This was the first palace constructed using cement and iron in the Kingdom. Since 1981, the palace has been functioning as Jeddah Regional Museum.

The museum has two floors, separated into six rooms representing various historical eras from the Stone Age to the Islamic times and the third Saudi state. Explore the museum and take a trip back to the past. Never miss the great view of the Red Sea you will have from here.

Gate of Khuzam Palace, Jeddah
The Historical Treasures of Khuzam Palace

Al Tayebat International City

Al Tayebat International City, renowned for its science and knowledge, houses a museum that exclusively showcases Jeddah’s long cosmopolitan history. It displays a remarkable fusion of art and culture with its four floors, 18 wings, 300 rooms, and more than 60,000 Islamic items worldwide. Its collection of Middle Eastern art is extensive and includes everything from ancient coins to contemporary furniture. An entire floor of this museum is dedicated to showcasing the Islamic heritage. 

Hidden gem of Jeddah
Cobbled Streets of Jeddah

Timings & Entry Fee

The museum is open from Saturday to Thursday, 8 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM.

The entrance fee to the museum is 21 USD.

Bayada Island

The Bayada Island in the Red Sea will remind you of the Maldives and give you similar beach vibes. With its blue waters surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and a pleasant ambiance reminiscent, these poetic seascapes must top the itinerary of your Jeddah tour. It is an ideal spot to spend your vacation with family and friends. You can enjoy the activities like fishing, boating, jet skiing, and other games. This island offers boat rentals. The island, located 40kms away from Jeddah, is a popular spot among tourists. 

Birds Flying Over Island, Jeddah
Enjoy your sea trip in Bayada Island

Jeddah is a city full of customs, history, and distinctive heritage. It is a location that has maintained its original charm and is perfect for modern cultural travelers. The Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters and amazing marine life are something you shouldn’t miss when visiting Jeddah. Visit Jeddah’s famous Al Balad neighborhood to enjoy the distinctive delicacies they serve. Every corner, every roundabout of Jeddah has a story and beauty. Book your journey on Rehlat, visit Jeddah and experience it!

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