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Riyadh, named and famed as the capital city of Saudi Arabia, is a fascinating city with a rich history that dates back centuries. Riyadh was also named Hajr, formerly a humble oasis village. It is today one of the wealthiest cities in the world thanks to its history of serving as a detour for ancient traders traversing the huge deserts of Arabia. The history of Saudi Arabia’s capital is filled with heroic deeds, the rise and collapse of mighty empires, the discovery of black gold, unbelievable wealth, and World heritage sites. Exploring Riyadh is not complete without viewing its geological wonders in its deserts, breath-taking natural features, quaint mud settlements, and expansive panoramas — all within a day trip’s drive. An intriguing architectural narrative explains how this once-small oasis in the desert grew to become one of the world’s greatest capitals.

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The Edge of the world, Riyadh

Let us enlighten you about The Edge of the World Riyadh, a geological marvel located in the stony desert to the northwest of Riyadh. On the outskirts of Riyadh, this is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the country. It is a spot to relax and take in the sights of Riyadh ditching the crowds. You may find the ideal combination of sea and cliffs here. 

The Edge of the World Riyadh, also known as Jebel Fihrayn, is an awe-inspiring and spectacular sight for any tourist visiting the city. Looking back at Mount Fihrayn from the city, you will see that it actually has two peaks. Hence, it is also known as the Mountain with Two Heads.

The Story behind the Formation of the Dramatic Cliffs 

The moniker “Edge of the World” comes from the expansive horizon seen from its towering cliffs. It is 305 meters into an ancient seabed and forms a section of the much longer Tuwaiq escarpment. Hundreds of Riyadhians eager for a weekend desert escape will join you at a spot known as the Red Sands. This spot is set against the dramatic background of the Tuwaiq Mountains. 

A historic caravan route formerly ran through this area, and if you climb to the top of the cliffs, you may look down and see dried rivers winding through the country and maybe even see camels moving far below.

Edge of the world
Find joy in the journey

The cliffs were formed when the Arabian plate moved northeast as a result of the expansion of the Red Sea rift, which is located about a thousand kilometers to the west of the Tuwaiq escarpment. The clear incision it made exposes sedimentary strata that formed when the eastern section of the Arabian Peninsula was a shallow and trivial tropical sea during the Jurassic period (around 150 million years ago). 

A network of hiking routes surrounds the cliffs. A place called “the window” provides access to the lower plateau below. Be aware of the fossils as you sift through the pebbles and examine the rocks. Take pictures of any fossils you come across while taking shots of the scenery because you cannot take them with you.


Traverse the Edge of the World 

Once you reach this destination, a flood of emotions erupt, from enthusiasm to contentment. If you get past the gates, you will reach the Sha’ib Kharmah, a vast valley that is perfect for a picnic during the rainy season. About 15 kilometers westward, the valley ends at the base of the towering cliffs that form the so-called “Edge of the World.” Here is the list of things to do when you reach there:

Sunset in Edge of the World

Out of the World view!

  • Visit the cliff’s edge and look out over the alien scene below. 
  • Plan your visit around sunset or sunrise, so you can see the reddish glow of the sun slowly illuminate the alien environment. 
  • A wide variety of fascinating species call this site home and are bound to frequently visit it. Each family of birds has its own distinctive call. 
  • You can enrich your spiritual insights during the holy month of Ramadan and have a once in-a-lifetime experience by attending the Ramadan Dabke Showcase. It is a gathering of
  • ethnic groups that perform their traditional dances at various locations, including this area. Seeing this place in person will blow your mind, so go on a hike and take in the grandeur. 
  • You may expect a 15- to 20-minute climb from the base to the peak of the cliffs, as their height is 1,000 feet. Stunning views of the deserts’ fauna and expansive sand dunes await you as you reach the summit. 
  • Keep your eyes peeled for ancient fossils as you trek across the rocky paths. 
  • Observe camels and their herders as they make their way over familiar routes, demonstrating the area’s culture. 
  • Spend a night under the brightest blanket of stars while camping and marvel at the scenery when you wake up. 
  • Take in the expansive beauty of the setting and the unobstructed view of the horizon from the various points of the trekking. 
  • From the peak of the mountain, you can take in a panoramic vista of the surrounding landscape and gaze out over the vast horizon.


Reach to the Edge of the World Riyadh

The massiveness of this place is perched on a cliff overlooking a wide valley along the Al-Khobar road and there are two routes open for traveling. However, it’s important to note that access to the most well-known route through Acacia Valley is restricted to the weekend. The route around the Sadus Dam is always accessible. Both routes have rocky roads, making travel difficult for vehicles with low ground clearance.

Adventure in the Edge of the World
Adventure awaits you!

There are not many landmarks or markers on the Google Maps route, but the GPS will get you there just fine. Traveling takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to drive to Edge of the World Riyadh by car. To explore the desert on your own, you will need a capable 4×4 vehicle, or you can hire a guide. Many trails lead to the summit, but all require sturdy footwear due to the rough terrain, steep inclines, and jagged rocks along the way. 

You can also take a guided tour instead of exploring on your own, to get rid of any stress over finding your way. A guide will be able to point out the most efficient path and you may take in the sights of Mount Fihrayn from the path you choose.


Lodging and Accommodations 

Day trippers have a number of accommodation alternatives in Riyadh, although camping at the World’s End is a popular choice. Both of those aforementioned paths are accessible by car.

The beautiful Edge of the World
Just here for the view!

For those who are fascinated about experiencing the exterior of Saudi Arabia and spend time hiking to take in mesmerizing vistas, Edge of the World Riyadh should be your pick!

Edge of the World
Standing Tall & Proud

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