Experience the Squid Game thrills in Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season has been the ongoing wave in the Middle East. The visitors are flocking to Riyadh to take part in this mega event that has redefined entertainment and brought the best in food, music, and culture through the 14 zones. Want a quick guide to all the zones? Here you go! 

There’s one more good news from the organizers! The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has announced the launch of the Squid Game experience, at Boulevard Riyadh City. This will be fun. 

We have got all the events, highlights, and amazing ticket offers covered. Check it out here.

The Squid Game Experience
The Squid Game Experience


About Squid Game 

Squid Game is a South Korean show written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk for Netflix. The story revolves around a series of children’s games where participants compete with each other and risk their lives to win the final prize worth 45.6 billion. All of those who are in deep financial debt are picked for the game. The show is said to be a fine reflection of the existing class disparities in South Korea. 

Squid game players
Squid game players in the show

The Squid Game Experience 

If you are someone who’s active on social media, there are few chances that you haven’t come across a Squid Game meme. The show aired on Netflix was a huge hit, and still tops the list of the best-watched shows. As a Korean survival thriller, with a gripping narrative and thrilling game sequences, there is no wonder that it could steal the hearts of millions. 

Much to the delight of all, the Squid Game Experience at Riyadh Season will let the visitors get a taste of all that you’ve seen and enjoyed on the screen while watching the Squid Game series.

The soldiers in their red suits and black masks would pass out cards to start off the experience. You’ll be then given your green tracks to put on and will be taken to the venue. Just like in the show, you’ll be invited to heart-pounding challenges like the red-light green-light, and a lot more games. Whoever fails to finish a task in a particular stage, shall be eliminated. Fortunately, the elimination will be smooth and NOT like the one you’ve watched on screen. 

The experience will run till March 31, 2022, and will cover all the stages of the game. The event runs in BLVD City and it has a private entrance and free private parking. All those who are 18 and above can participate. 

The soldiers in red suites
The soldiers in red suits



The ticket price starts from 1500 SAR. 


 If you’ve ever fancied trying out a game while watching Squid Games, here’s a chance to try all of them! Book your tickets and head to the BLVD Riyadh City to compete in this thrilling journey, 


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