Don’t be a Newbie: Things you should know before visiting Iran

Traveling to any country for the first time can bring in mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. Expect the unexpected things when you’re visiting Iran for the first time. Home to unique cultural treasures, ancient historical cities, you’ll be intrigued and surprised when you visit Iran. If you’re traveling to this amazing country for the first time then you must know few things that avoid mishaps. Here are a few must-know things that you should know before embarking on your trip to Iran.

5 Things that Every Traveler Should Know before Visiting Iran

Follow the dress code

Dress codeIranian women without a veil are not allowed to go out in public. When it comes to tourists, they should dress modestly irrespective of the weather. Women are advised to wear long skirt or pants, long sleeves shirt or tunic and veil covering their head.

Men can wear short or long sleeve shirts and long pants. However, shorts are not allowed in public.

Learn essential phrases

thank youLearn few phrases that helps you to communicate with people and builds relationships. The locals are very encouraging and help you brush up your  language skills and pronunciation. Learn these phrases and start making new friends in Iran.

  • Salâm – Hello
  • Merci/Mamnun – Thank you
  • Che khabar? – What’s up?
  • Khoshbakhtam – Nice to meet you
  • Sobh be kheyr  – Good morning
  • Shab be kheir – Good night
  • Servees behdâshti kojâs? — Where is the bathroom?
  • shomaa engilisi sohbat mikonin? – Do you speak English?
  • aab, lotfan – Water please
  • Seer shodam – I’m full
  • Kheyli khosh mazas – It’s delicious
  • Khodâ hâfez – Good bye

Iran is Visa-free for many countries

visa Citizens of the countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Serbia, Syria, Turkey, and Venezuela can travel Iran without visa. Nationals of 180 countries can obtain visa on arrival at major airports like Isfahan International Airport, Kish International Airport, Shiraz International Airport etc. However, obtaining a visa on arrival takes time and you need to wait for some time at the airports. Visa on arrival is not applicable for the countries like US, UK, Somalia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Jordan etc. So, it is advisable to get your visa in advance to avoid mishaps after you arrive in the country.

P.S: Check visa requirements for Iran with your local embassy

Bring cash

cashSince none of the ATMs in Iran accept foreign debit or credit, you should bring a lot of cash. But how much cash you should bring? Figure out your trip cost ($25 a day or $100 a day), then add some extra just in case. You can find exchange booths at the airports. Don’t exchange all your foreign currency into Rials at a time.

Travelling during Ramadan

ramadan During the month of Ramadan, eating and drinking in public places is illegal from dawn to sunset. But, the rules are usually not so tight for foreigners and travelers. However it’s good to go by the rules in order to respect the rule & custom of the country. It is also forbidden to consume smoking in public places during this month.


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