The City Where The Time Stands Still

Everything you wanted to know about Jordan – the country that has embraced modernity but has hold it’s traditions at heart.

From the tryst of history at Wadi Rum, to the brimming and glitzy modern Amman, Jordan is a unique destination with breathtaking and mysterious sights, exquisite cuisine and variety of activities that can offer visitors with inspiration, fun, adventure, and relaxation.

Jordan is the best bet in the Middle East to explore the historical wonders that exist till today. Compact in size, the country packs a punch with its history, natural wonders, and dynamic culture. Exploring the attractions of Jordan from ancient, man-made wonders to the fascinating Dead Sea will offer you a lifetime of memories.

Explore Jordan one site at a time with us:

Petra’s Famous Edifice – Al-Khazneh

Petra Trip

Al-Khazneh or the Treasury is Petra’s one of the most elaborate temples which is carved out of a sandstone rock face. Explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site which captivates everyone’s heart. Petra deserves at least two days  visit to be explored properly. One should experience the Treasury during the night. Thousands of candles guide visitors to see the Treasury through the Siq.

There is much more to see in Petra:

  • You can find a number of tombs and houses on the Street of Facades.
  • Siq – enjoy a stroll through narrow walkways.
  • Ad Deir – a historical landmark carved out of rock.
  • Little Petra – a popular archaeological site in Petra.

Enjoy the Awe-Inspiring Views of Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Red and ochre colored arid and huge desert of Wadi Rum resemble landscapes of Mars. Rocks, cliffs, and fantastic landscapes altogether make you feel that Wadi Rum is a place on a different planet. Wadi Rum or The Valley of the Moon can be explored by jeep, camel, horse or foot. Meet the locals here and visit attractions near the Wadi Rum such as natural rock bridges, few rock inscriptions, Lawrence’s spring, etc.

Things to do in Wadi Rum

  • Jeep tour is the best way to explore Wadi Rum in short period.
  • Enjoy the camel or horse ride through the desert guided by the local Bedouin.
  • Nature lovers can go for hiking and trekking.
  • No tour to Wadi Rum is complete without camping.

Float on the Dead Sea

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the most amazing part of Jordan. Due to its natural buoyancy property, anybody can float on the sea without any effort. Cake yourself in mud and enhance your beauty near the Dead Sea shores. Also, the Dead Sea is famous worldwide for its beauty products and salt scrubs.

Things to do near the Dead Sea

  • Enjoy no-fee spa treatments on shores of the Dead Sea.
  • Book your stay in a perfect shoreline resort.
  • Go for hiking and mountain biking at Mount Sodom.

Experience Natural Water slides at Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is the world’s lowest nature reserve turned out as one of the exciting eco-adventure thrill rides. Known as the ‘Grand Canyon of Jordan’, it is dotted with several walking trails, water springs, and rugged deep valleys.

Things to do

  • Enjoy different activities such as hiking, climbing, and canyoning.
  • More adventurous activities include rope assisted climbs and abseils down waterfalls.

Go Back to Roman Times at Roman Amphitheater

Roman Amphitheatre

Amman is an electrifying capital city of Jordan and home to ancient Roman ruins, shisha cafes, souks, and bustling nightlife. Amman is safe, friendly, and the most spectacular city of Jordan. Roman Amphitheater is a famous landmark of Amman dating back to the Roman period.

Top things you shouldn’t miss in Amman

  • Enjoy spectacular sunset views from the Amman Citadel. Book a hotel nearby.
  • Visit Jabal Amman, the intellectual hub of Amman.
  • Never miss nightlife in Abdoun.

Jordan Essentials for Your Trip

Best Time to Visit –  Spring (March–May), when temperatures are mild and the winds are cool.

What to Wear? – Lightweight clothes and colorful scarves to cover your head. Dress appropriately.

What to Carry? – A hat, comfortable boots, sunscreen, and an good appetite as food is going to be the highlight of  your Jordan trip.

Things to note for your Jordan Holiday
  • Carry money in your front pockets.
  • Keep a copy of passport and visa in your luggage too.
  • Don’t drink water from everywhere. Carry your own bottle.
  • Take permission before photographing a person.
  • Avoid rush hour which is between 2 pm–5 pm.

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