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Rent a chalet - Relax and spend some quality time

Thanks to the diligent safety protocols and a stable vaccination rate, travel is back and running. And guess what? The extensive deserts and coastlines lie waiting for its visitors! With loads of things to do and delicious cuisines, you’ll never have an ordinary moment on this holiday. 

Kuwait is not only about sightseeing, but the visitors get to experience a lot of outdoor adventures ranging from desert safaris to scuba diving. After all the exhausting running around, taking time to rest and relax is equally important. Don’t worry! Kuwait has a lot of chalets that are waiting to receive you! Rent one of the charming chalets to unroll and enjoy a quieter side of the country.

Planning your stay is important

While planning your accommodation, things that you should primarily consider include, the number of people coming along, the type of holiday you want, and how close you all want to be. Hotels and hostels used to be the go-to options to stay, as they seemed very popular in tourist destinations. A shift has been there in recent years, where travelers have started opting for chalets, for the different experiences they offer.  

When you read ‘chalet’, have you imagined one of those ski chalets on a mountain? A chalet with adorable fireplaces and handmade quilts? Or an ultimate private getaway? Forget the ski part, if you’re fancying the rest, we can confirm that Kuwait chalets have you covered.

A dreamy chalet
One of those dreamy chalets

But, why chalets?

Easy access

Kuwait has a lot of fascinating landmarks, museums, shopping opportunities, and outdoor adventures. After busy days of sightseeing, you’d definitely need a good night’s rest. Most of the chalets are located right in the heart of these landmarks so that you can access them very easily, while most of the hotels tend to be in the town center and are a tad more expensive. 


Moreover, chalets are like fancy cabins. You’ll get to enjoy all the luxuries, be it the super-plush bedding or the modern design. Along with Wi-Fi and air conditioning, the guests can also enjoy access to indoor swimming pools that are open year-round, children’s playgrounds, and spacious rooftops with excellent views. 

A chalet in Kuwait
A chalet in Kuwait
Wide range of food

Chalets are the best when it comes to food. Food lovers are spoiled for choice here. The live catering services are unique to chalets, where the visitors get to choose the food they want and it would be freshly prepared at the chalets every day. Chalets in Kuwait chalets offer full kitchens, so you might want to start your day with a hot breakfast enjoying the sunrise. Then get out and explore!

The diverse menu
The diverse menu
Choice of rooms

Hotel rooms tend to be either single, double, or family size. Chalets on the other hand are highly flexible, and they can occupy any number at a single time. This means, if you have got a big party with 20 people, you can all stay together. 

More time together

Having said about the flexibility of chalets, one perk that comes along with it is the chance to spend more time together, whether you are with family or friends. Some chalets will even have hot tubs and large open spaces. There is plenty of room for everyone to chat and catch up. 

Indoor pools
Indoor pools


Top 5 featured chalets on Rehlat App


Get premium apartments on the creek, where the ground floor and the first row overlook the creek. The chalet has 3 rooms including two master rooms, a maid’s room, and an indoor swimming pool.


Al Saqran 

Featured chalets with amazing views of the creek, a private beach, and a private pool for each villa. The chalet has three floors and five main rooms. It is only three minutes away from services. It has an internal elevator, a separate maid’s room, and a driver’s room outside the chalet.

Al Saqran
Al Saqran


Al Naseem 

Featured chalets on the creek with three floors and an internal elevator. The first row features a communal swimming pool. It has four bedrooms including three master bedrooms.



A distinctive chalet located on the sea beach, with a reception, rest area, clean and upscale furnishings, maid’s room with two beds & bathroom, and internal elevator. 




Beautiful chalet with a picturesque view of the creek, a private beach, and a swimming pool for each villa. The chalet consists of three floors with an internal elevator, a maid room, five master bedrooms, and seven bathrooms, and is only three minutes away from services.


Ready for adventure? Rehlat has great prices on Kuwait chalet accommodation, and an amazing selection, too. Book soon, before they slide out of sight. Download our app now!

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