A Road Trip to Remember – Doha to Saudi Arabia


People who’re die-hard fans of soccer have likely already traveled to Doha to witness live football matches. But what if we told you there is a lot more in store for you, just 80 kms away from Doha? Yes, beyond football, Saudi Arabia waits for you. And the simplest way to reach there is a road trip. Read on to know what an exciting journey lies ahead when you travel from Doha to Saudi Arabia. 

Doha to Saudi Road Trip


Know before you go to Saudi Arabia

Visa requirements

Visitors who want to explore Saudi Arabia must satisfy the entry requirements. The Hayya Card is required for all football tournament attendees. The Hayya card is the fan ID that provides entry into Qatar and the stadiums, as well as free access to public transport. 


The highlights of Saudi Arabia visa requirements are as follows:
  • The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed a new multiple-entry visit visa for Hayya Card holders. 
  • Hayya Card holders will be able to enter the country using Saudi Arabia’s dedicated visa free of charge. 
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months to be able to apply for an e-visa. 
  • The holders of the Hayya Card may apply online for a new Saudi visa allowing for a 60-day stay in the Kingdom starting 10 days before the tournament starts. 
  • Fans with “Hayya with Me (1+3)” are allowed to take three additional friends and family members to explore the country of Saudi Arabia. 
  • The Hayya card holders who enter Saudi Arabia e-visa must exit the country by 10 January 2023. 


How to reach?

You may reach the Qatar–Saudi Arabia land border or the Salwa Border via public transportation. Complete the customs formalities and entry procedures at the terminal. 

By car:

If you’re traveling by car, you should meet some requirements. Car insurance is required to travel in Saudi Arabia. 


At the crossing of the border

The Salwa Border Crossing between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is open for visitors. A new port has been installed at the border crossing that expands the daily capacity handling of vehicles to more than 24,000.

Keep in mind that the time it takes to clear the border at Salwa can even take up to two hours, depending on the volume of traffic and the intensity of the inspections.


Hire a car or go for taxi

The country’s road network is efficient. Choosing a taxi is a convenient option to get around, and haggling with drivers is quite common. Hiring a car is a cost-effective way to explore the country, and you can find many car rental companies. You can rent the car online for your convenience or in person when you arrive at the destination. If you wish to rent a car, make sure you have an international driving license. 

Find your stay

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The best places to visit in Saudi Arabia


Being home to six UNESCO World Heritage sites, 10,000 archaeological sites, and mountainous landscapes, Saudi Arabia is drawing millions of tourists. The kingdom continues its efforts to fulfill Vision 2030 through ambitious projects to flourish tourism. Travelers are already coming in, taking advantage of the country’s great infrastructure and relaxed visa regulations to explore the country’s deserts, Red Sea, mountains, and ancient and modern cultural sites. Read on to know the best places to visit in the country.



There’s no doubt that AlUla can be called “the world’s masterpiece” for its great preservation. It is home to the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hegra. The mud-walled city was once a bustling trading spot located along “Incense Road.” Tourists who are history buffs must not miss exploring the region of AlUla. 


The Red Sea

You can witness bewildering landscapes surrounding the Red Sea, including volcanoes, endless sand dunes, and cultural sites. The Red Sea is a true wonder for diving enthusiasts, as it offers rewarding experiences. It is becoming a busy tourist spot for its windsurfing and kitesurfing activities.



Muslim visitors holding Hayya Cards can perform Umrah using their multi-entry visa. So, visitors can make their Umrah bookings through Nusuk, an integrated digital platform that allows visitors to plan their journeys to Makkah and Madinah and much more. 



Known for its mud-brick architecture, Diriya is yet another must-visit historical destination in Saudi Arabia. Diriyah was once a thriving desert city that was home to culture and commerce. The restored Al-Zawihra Mosque and Wadi Hanifah valley are popular spots in Diriyah. Wadi Hanifah valley is a great place for short picnics, strolling, and cycling. Diriyah continues to delight visitors with its historical wonders fused with heritage. Prominent are the Diriyah Museum, Salwa Palace, Al-Bujairi, and Al Zawiha Mosque. 



The skyscraper, the Kingdom Tower, is interesting and worth a visit when you are in the country. It has a shopping mall and a beautiful Skybridge between the two towers on the 99th floor. Rent an ATV and go dune-bashing in the desert dunes that are close to the city. There are several modern shopping malls in the city where you can shop for clothing, electronics, books, and much more. Riyadh is home to many different kinds of restaurants, from cheap to high-end, that offer traditional Saudi and Middle Eastern food as well as other options.

Saudi Arabia is a unique mix of historical splendors, unique landscapes, and cultural spots. The nation strives for its ambitious developments to make it an attractive travel destination. Saudi Arabia is a must-visit Arab nation if you appreciate discovering history and beautiful landscapes. Plan your vacation with Rehlat and receive great discounts on travel and accommodations.





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