5 Reasons That Make Saudi The Best Place To Visit Near Qatar


Football fever is on; by now, all football lovers are planning to go to Qatar to watch these matches. Besides being a football fan, if you are a travel buff too, we recommend you to visit Saudi Arabia, an ideal place near Qatar to fulfill two aspirations in one trip – footballing and holidaying! Many famous landmarks, scenic areas, historical sites, and delectable eateries are in Saudi Arabia to welcome you! Traveling to this part of the world is going to be an unforgettable experience for sure. Discover Saudi from its archeological adventures to world class fine dining.

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Scenic Saudi Arabia

5 Reasons to Visit Saudi Arabia


  1. Explore the Spiritual Sanctuary of World Famous Mosques 

Both Makkah and Medina are located in Saudi Arabia, but a pilgrimage route need not begin and end there. If visitors want to experience the tranquility of the mosques or have some quiet time to pray, they can go to one of the many other holy places that tend to be less crowded. Visiting one of the country’s many architecturally significant mosques and historic buildings is possible to get an up-close look at Saudi Arabia’s unique religious roots.

Al Rajhi Grand Mosque in Riyadh

The Grand Mosque of Riyadh is among the city’s most significant Islamic landmarks. This mosque serves as both a place of worship and a gathering place for the local community, with space for up to 18,000 men in the men’s hall and 2,500 women in the women’s area. On Fridays, prayers are interpreted into seven languages and shown live on digital screens for the deaf community.


Al Rajhi Mosque in Ha’il

The Al Rajhi Mosque, located on the outskirts of Ha’il, is an impressive mosque. It is decorated with four pencil-thin minarets that soar to an impressive height of 80 meters. The interior is a soothing cream color and features one of the largest chandeliers the world has ever seen. This chandelier stands atop a cascading fifty vermillion red domes. The mosque has space for 4,000 worshippers inside and another 3,000 in the tranquil courtyard.


Al Rahma Mosque in Jeddah
Al Rahma Mosque
The Floating Mosque

The Al Rahma Mosque, also known as the Floating Mosque, is the world’s first mosque to be constructed on a floating platform in a body of water. A massive turquoise dome is surrounded by 56 colorful windows and Quranic verses written in swirling Arabic script. The mosque’s exterior is constructed of gleaming white marble. 

Jawatha Mosque in Al Ahsa
Jawatha Mosque
Interiors of Jawatha Mosque

The ancient Jawatha Mosque, said to be the oldest mosque in the eastern Arabian Peninsula, was erected around the time the Islamic religion was first established nearly 1,400 years ago. At first glance, Jawatha Mosque looks more like a fortress than a mosque due to its simple, sand-colored mudbrick walls and surrounding squat towers topped with circular crenellations.


  1. A blend of past, present, and the future

 Al Balad and Ha’il: Where a beautiful past is depicted in

Stroll leisurely through Jeddah’s historic district, Al Balad. Hear the commotion of its street vendors. Shopping for authentic Arabian cuisine, spices, and trinkets has never been easier than at one of these marketplaces. To really appreciate this city’s ancient beauty and everything it offers, you will likely need to return for a second visit. To know more about this ancient city, click here.

Al Balad City
Al Balad City

Ha’il is a province with a rich history of pre-Islamic rock art. The history of Saudi Arabia, as recorded in Ha’il spans about ten thousand years. The scale and detail of the tombs of Mada’in Saleh will astound you. To know more about the beauty of Ha’il, click here.


Riyadh: Where the present day admires the splendor of the past 

The capital city of Riyadh is home to two of Saudi Arabia’s most stunning attractions. Take a trip to the ruins of Diriyah in Wadi Hanifa. Adobe homes and the outdoor museum are beautiful to look at. 


Another tourist site is the breathtaking canyon, the Edge of the World. It is, without a second doubt, one of the country’s most well-known tourist hotspots. If you enjoy hiking and stunning landscapes, you should not miss out on a chance to visit the edge of the world. For more details on this place, please read the blog here.


KAEC: Where the future looks most promising 

Makkah province is home to the futuristic city known as King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). It is ideal for a family staycation thanks to its picturesque villas and condos, lush landscaping, and wide range of fun things to do. Notable features include: 

  • A round of golf at Al Murooj will transport you to one of the most beautiful locations in the Middle East. The Saudi International Golf Championship is held there every year. Stop by and give this calming activity a shot! 
  • The Sharbatly Mosque is easily identifiable thanks to its modern design incorporating Islamic elements and its distinctive golden dome. 
  • You should spend at least one evening strolling the beach promenade. You can rent bicycles to explore the area and take in the breathtaking panorama of the Red Sea, or you can simply go for a stroll. Many of the restaurants and cafes along the promenade include outdoor seating with stunning views of the sunset. 
  • Another tourist attraction is the luxurious Lagoona Escape, a desert camp on the outskirts of KAEC. This place becomes a fantastical place straight out of Arabian Nights after the sun goes down.
Building the future
  1. Incredible sights to see 

Saudi Arabia is located on the Red Sea and has several beaches. Most of these shores have yet to be explored, and travel by water is available from cities like Yanbu, Al-lith, and Jeddah. A few ancient shipwrecks may still have their relics visible. 

Coastal Beauty at Yanbu

There is a stunning coastline drive a few hours to the west of Medina – the port of Yanbu, which is actually split between two cities. The old northern town is an ancient spice route, whereas the southern new city is famous for its oil refineries and industrial plants. Most of the nightlife and historical sites are clustered around the waterfront. 

Overlooking the Red Sea, dine with locals on freshly caught fish. Explore the reconstructed alleyways of the adjoining Souq Al Lail (night market), which first opened late to serve fishermen. Fresh Mulkhiah leaves and local dates are only two examples of the delicious fruits and vegetables on offer. 

Coastal Beauty of Yanbu
Seek coastal beauty of Yanbu

Yanbu’s warm, lush seas offer some of the best diving destinations in Saudi Arabia. Abu Galawa is a beautiful island surrounded by sharks, coral grottoes, and schools of barracuda. The wreck of the SS Iona is now a beautiful living reef and an all-popular destination. Seven Sisters is best known for its hammerhead sharks, though tiger sharks and tuna can often be seen around the walls of coral as well. To know more about the water adventures done in Yanbu, click here

Water Adventures at the Red Sea

The temperature of the Red Sea here never goes below 20 degrees Celsius, not even in the dead of winter. If you wish to go scuba diving in the Red Sea, you will come across sharks, turtles, beautiful fish, and even moray eels. Furthermore, the Gulf Coast and the Red Sea are both excellent places to go birdwatching. 

The Red Sea
The shores of the Red Sea
Mountaineering at Aseer Mountains

Even if you have not heard, Saudi Arabia has a wide variety of ecosystems. There are magnificent beaches and mountains, but the rest of the land is desert. There are few places left as pristine as the Mountains of Aseer. Species such as the baboon, eagle, and blue lizard make their homes in the deep and magnificent ravines of these mountains located in the southwestern part of the country. You should visit Aseer if you need to get away to the highlands for some serenity and purity of air.

Aseer Mountains
The lush valleys and beautiful scenery of Aseer
  1. Explore the Taste of Saudi 

Foodies will find something about Saudi Arabia particularly charming. One of the world’s most popular and admired cuisines is Arabic cuisine. One of the ideal ways to truly immerse yourself in Arabian culture is to eat the local cuisine. Jeddah is known as the culinary hotspot of Saudi Arabia. Check out the details here to know which are the best places to go in Jeddah

Flavors of Saudi
The unmissable flavors of Saudi Arabia

The exotic flavors of Arabian cuisine come from the use of a wide variety of spices. Middle Eastern staples like hummus bi tahini, couscous with chicken, grilled halloumi, and falafels may be found on the menus of most Arabian eateries in the country. The most prevalent kinds of meat are chicken and lamb. 

  1. Get lost in this Shopping Spree

Riyadh and Jeddah are the most progressive metropolis in Saudi Arabia and a major port and commercial center. These are a must-visit if you are looking for a shopping place. 


Dates can be purchased at the Date souk off of Riyadh’s Exit 14 for the best selection. Ajwa, Majdoul, zahidi, saghai, and khudri are just some of the rare and exotic options available to you.

The finest dates of Saudi Arabia
Explore authentic taste
Aromatic Spices

Authentic Middle Eastern spices are abundant in Saudi Arabia. Common spices sold in Saudi Arabian souks include black pepper, cloves, cardamom, saffron, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaves, and nutmeg. 


Oud is one of the most sensuous perfumes, and it is often formulated to have a calming effect when used for significant and lavish events. Riyadh’s souk Al Zal is a maze of alleys selling everything from spices to fragrances flavored with oud. 


Locally made goods in Saudi Arabia are sold at a discount compared to the rest of the world since the country does not impose a sales tax. The greatest venues to buy gold in Saudi Arabia are the Batha Gold Market in Riyad and the Balad Gold Market in the capital city. 

Malls in Riyadh
  • Center Mall on Olaya Street, Al Nakheel Mall at Exit 9 of the Al Imam Saud ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Road. 
  • Kingdom Center, King Abdullah Road. 
  • Riyadh Park, The Northern Ring Branch Road 
  • Granada Mall, Eastern Ring Branch Road, Ash Shuhada District, Exit 9
  • Al Faisaliah Mall, Olaya Street. 
Traditional Souks
  • Bisht (Al Owais) Souq, Ad Dirah 
  • Riyadh Seasonal Dates Market, 7402 Ibn Abi Al Makarim, 2692 
The Souqs in Saudi Arabia
The multicultural Souqs of Saudi
  • Souq Al Zel, Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Street, Ad Dirah 
  • Souq Makkah, Al-Shemaysi Market, and 7402 Ibn Abi Al Makarim are all great places to shop for authentic, locally sourced goods.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a destination you can not miss if you value visiting countries with fascinating cultures, deep spiritual traditions, beautiful beaches, and diverse topography. We hope you find our idea of holidaying and footballing an exciting mix. Make Saudi Arabia your best stopover place to visit near Qatar in between the matches. With Rehlat’s deals, this plan can be made budget-friendly too.

Ha'il city overview
Discover Ha’il

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