Vacation in Style in Jeddah!

A complete guide for weekend getaways from Jeddah

We all need that much-needed break from our monotonous work-life routine. A mini-vacation or a weekend getaway is probably the best way to rejuvenate yourself. The neighborhood of Jeddah is as enigmatic as the city itself and offers a multitude of places to explore over a weekend. Let us check it out.


5 Top Day Trips from Jeddah

Al Lith Valley


Located southeast of Jeddah, Al Lith valley is a perfect weekend destination to take a break from the busy city life. Hidden in a silent valley between the beige mountains that have a dash of greenery, the hot springs of Al Lith valley are pristine. Mild underground volcanic activity has given rise to these hot springs. The spring is heated to a perfect bathing temperature to relax your aching limbs. 

The valley’s picturesque landscape comprises of hills on one side and radiant green grass covering the marshy land on the other side. The isolated valley connected with beautiful roads makes it one of the best road trips ever. 

Distance from Jeddah: 200 miles 



If you love the idea of camping up under a moonlit sky with the warmth of bonfire lighting up memories and conversations, the Mudhaylif is the place for you. 

Mudhaylif is a quaint little village located south of Jeddah on Jeddah-Jazan Highway. Its proximity to the highway is alluring as it is beneficial during emergencies. The dunes here are unique, offering stunning views that have greenery splashed intermittently.  

Plan your friend’s birthday or a romantic getaway with your partner here on a cloudless night with flyblown Bedouin encampments. 

Distance from Jeddah: 200 miles

Bedouin tents
Bedouin tents

Thuwal Beach


Your search for an ideal family getaways ends with Thuwal beach. Located just 63 miles north of Jeddah, the road to Thuwal beach is guided well with the road signs.  

Thuwal beach is perfect for the kids as the water is not deep, allowing them to play in the water and indulge in castle building. There are many shaded areas available to rest.

Grab your best sunglasses and sunscreen lotion and head to Thuwal beach this weekend. 

Distance from Jeddah: 62 miles

Thuwal Beach

Al Uqair 


Ruins tell a story of the enigmatic yesteryears and have an alluring charm like no other place. Al Uqair, an Arabian Kingdom, is one such place that transmits you into a rich history of Saudi Arabia. Locals believe that the ancient city of Gerrha existed here.  

The location of Al Uqair between the fertile oasis of Al Ahsa and mysterious Arabian Gulf is intriguing. Hit the road for a long road trip from Jeddah to see a colonial fort showcasing the grandeur of archaic trading center of the 19th century. 

Distance from Jeddah: 841 miles

Al Uqair


Farasan Islands


Frankly, this destination deserves more than a weekend owing to the plethora of attractions it offers. Located south of Jeddah, Farasan islands are a large coral island group inside the Red sea. 

The experience of driving down to Jizan fort and transporting your vehicle through a ferry is in itself fun. The archipelago’s isolated white-sand beaches and dunes are home to a rare breed of Arabian gazelle. 

After gazelle grazing, you can visit other attractions like Mangrove Forests, Ottoman fort, Beit Refai, Qassar Heritage Village and Najdi Mosque. 

Distance from Jeddah: 450 miles (up to Jizan)

Farasan Islands
Farasan Islands
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