Karam Validity Extension – Empowering your Loyalty

The world has come to a standstill. What used to be an annoying daily routine seems like a distant feeling of warmth. Things that we took for granted and thought of them as easy-to-get have now become valuable and hard-to-attain.

Though this phase of coronavirus outbreak has brought many difficulties, it has also brought forward many of our strengths. The world has come together in all its might to fight against the calamity. It’s heartwarming to see the way each and every person, irrespective of their differences, is trying to help one another and win in this situation. Truly #WeAreInThisTogether.

In this difficult situation, here is our small bit to help alleviate the pain.

Karam Balance Validity Extended

Karam Wallet is Rehlat’s wallet program which awards loyalty cash to our customers whenever:

  • They book a flight/ hotel
  • They book a cab
  • Refer us to the friends or family

The Karam thus earned can be used for further bookings. Karam balance has limited validity and requires to be used up before the expiry date.

However, owing to the current situation, we have extended the validity of Karam by 120 days after the current date of expiry. So, you can use them when you wish to!

Karam Benefits
Karam Benefits


Know more about Karam

Plus you can also use Karam to redeem exciting rewards at Club Karam. What is Club Karam, you ask? Read on to know.

#ClubKaram – Your Loyalty Rewarded

Club Karam is an exclusive rewards program for Rehlat members only. As a member of Club Karam you can use your Karam to redeem exciting rewards.

To become a member of Club Karam, all you need is a registered email address with Rehlat and Rehlat App on your phone. If you don’t have our app, download it for android & iPhone.

Based on your Karam balance you are categorized into:

  • Pearl: 0 – 200 AED Karam
  • Diamond: 200 – 500 AED Karam
  • Ruby: 500+ AED Karam
Club Karam
Club Karam


Club Karam Rewards:

We value your loyalty and hence bring you the best of the rewards! Use your Karam to redeem gifts from shopping avenues like Cartlow & Noon and entertainment avenues like Shemaroo & STARZPLAY.

Here are some of the amazing offers you can score:

  • Shemaroo – Redeem your Karam & get a free 3-month subscription worth 80 AED.
  • Noon – Redeem your Karam & get gift vouchers worth up to 100 AED.
  • STARZPLAY – Redeem your Karam & get a free 2-month subscription worth 90 AED.
  • Cartlow – Redeem your Karam & get gift vouchers worth up to 100 AED.
Cartlow Voucher


Shemaroo Voucher




Noon Voucher


Convert Karam to Karam+

But this is not all, you can do much more with your Karam balance. You can convert your Karam balance to Karam+.

You can use Karam+ for further bookings. It has no restrictions on usage or does not have a validity period.

Know more about Karam+

How to convert Karam to Karam+?

Follow the following simple steps to convert your Karam to Karam+:

  • Login on the App with your registered user ID.
  • Click on Club Karam.
  • Go to Karam Redemption History.
  • Click on Karam to Karam+.
  • Choose the appropriate offer and click on ‘Redeem Now.’
  • Voila! You just converted Karam to Karam+.


Karam to Karam+ Conversion
Karam to Karam+ Conversion

With Club Karam, we feel glad to have empowered you with rewards and more for the trust and loyalty that you have towards us! We wish this small gesture will bring infinite joy and happiness to you!


  1. Althamas Karani

    How to convert karma to karam+. where is the option for redeem noon voucher?

    1. Monalisha Mallick

      Hi Athlamas,

      Noon vouchers available for UAE. You can log in to your Rehlat account and browse all available vouchers.

      You have a block on home screen for converting Karam to Karam+


      Team Rehlat

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