How to Spend A Day in Al Ahsa?

Are you planning a trip to the Middle East anytime soon? But are you going to focus only on exploring just one country? Don’t miss a minute when you are in the Middle East, and explore the beauty as much as you can! Did you know? Al Ahsa, the largest governorate in Saudi Arabia, is just an hour away from Doha. Al Ahsa is famous for its oasis and several other tourist attractions. Even though Al Ahsa needs around four days to explore, this article will help to know how to explore Al Ahsa within a day!

One day in Al Ahsa

Explore Al Ahsa

Did you know? By air, Doha is just 1h 05m away from Al Ahsa. So when you are visiting Doha, you may take a day to explore Al Ahsa as well. In one trip, you will cover two countries! Flying by air is the best option to reach Al Ahsa, Popular Airlines from Doha to Al Ahsa is Qatar Airways.

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Are there only dunes to see in Saudi Arabia? Myth busted! Visit Al Ahsa and other regions and witness Saudi’s unexplored lush green landscapes. The place owns one of the largest natural oases in the world and its beauty is something magical. The date farms, yellow lake, Uqair beach, and more definitely will make you fall in love with this place.

Jawatha Mosque

Jawatha Mosque
Revel the peace and moments of wisdom

Start your trip by visiting the tranquil Jawatha Mosque. Jawatha Mosque is considered the first mosque constructed in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Dated back to the 7th year of Hijrah, it is said to be the first place other than Medina to offer Friday prayers in Saudi. The mosque was built by the Bani Abd al-Qays tribe, who used to reside here. Despite the loss of most of the mosque’s original construction, its foundations have been carefully repaired so that prayers can be offered there five times per day.


Pay a Visit to the Ibrahim Palace

Ibrahim Palace
A walk to the past

After you visit the Jawatha Mosque, go to the Ibrahim Palace, a well-known landmark in Al Ahsa. The Palace is from the era of the Ottomans ruling Arabia. The architecture style is a blend of Islamic and military architecture. Its massive towers, barracks, and horse stables are blended with arches, domes, mihrabs, and minarets, all enclosed in a well-guarded wall.


The Oasis

Date Palm Farms of Al Ahsa
A drop of greenery amid the desert!

After you are done with the little historical tour, take a trip to the most famous Al Ahsa Oasis, without which your trip is incomplete. In 2018, UNESCO declared the Oasis a World Heritage Site, which made it the 5th site to be registered as World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia. The oasis makes this place unique and distinct from all other places in Saudi Arabia. Take a trip to the Environmental Park, and don’t miss to try the khalasah dates, considered one of the best dates in the world.


Have Your Lunch at the Yellow Lake

The beautiful Yellow Lake
Witness this beauty!

Take a 4×4 vehicle and explore Yellow Lake, also known as Asfar lake. On your visit, you will find many eagles, warblers, and plovers. The ornithophile in you will definitely have a great time here. You can plan a picnic lunch and may try kayaking as well. Or just sit on the banks of the lake, relax, and unwind!

The beauty of this lake and picturesque view will make you stay here for a little while but keep in mind that you have a few more places to cover. 


Al Qarah Mountain

Al Qarah Mountains of Al Ahsa
Nature is the most amazing artist

Now it’s time to get your hiking boots ready! Climb the 220-meter Al Qarah Mountain and get mesmerized by the view from the top of this mountain. And if hiking isn’t your thing, you can visit the Dougha handmade Pottery Factory, where you can go and engage in some traditional clay pot making.


Go Shopping in Souq Al Qaisariya

Souq Al Qaisariya of Al Ahsa
Have a shopping spree

Collecting different souvenirs is a must thing to do to complete a journey. Head to the Souq Al Qaisariya and get some gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family. There are more than 400 shops in this 600-year-old Souq. Have some traditional Arabic coffee, refresh yourself, and wrap your trip for the day!

So that’s how you can spend a day in Al Ahsa and enjoy the city. A popular opinion is that this is the world’s most exciting oasis destination. Living up to the meaning of its name, Al Ahsa truly feels like the soothing sound of water running underground!


Top Dishes You Must Try!

  • Red Bread
  • Hasawi Rice
  • Mufalaq Rubyan
  • Mashkhool
  • Wadma
  • Balaleet
  • Hasawi Aseedah
  • Mobasal

Where To Stay?

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Al Ahsa
One could stare at this view for hours


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