How far can an Emirati Dirham take you in Dubai?


Have you ever wondered what you can get in Dubai with just one AED in your pocket? Or does it sound too absurd to even think about it? Well, here are a few things that you can indulge yourself in Dubai for no more than one AED.


5 Things in Dubai For Just A Dirham


McDonald’s ice-cream

ice cream

One AED can still satiate your craving for ice-cream in Dubai. Head to McDonald’s and enjoy an ice-cream for only a Dirham.


Roti at Joshi Restaurant


You can have delicious rotis or flatbreads at Joshi Restaurant in Meena Bazaar that cost only one AED.


Karak chai


Savour a cup of hot karak chai while sitting in a café by a street. This Indian tea drink is sure to satisfy your palate.


Abra ride


Marvel at the views of the city while sailing on an abra traversing through the creek.




Dig into the yummy samosas that you can get at only a Dirham at the creek side.


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