Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 15

Greek Folktale: The Man with his Two Wives

A long time ago in a village in Greece, there lived a middle-aged man who had two wives. One of his wives was young while the other was old; however, both of them loved him from the bottom of their hearts.

As the man was getting older, his hair embodied a salt and pepper look. However, his young wife was not pleased with his grey hair as it made him look old. So she would comb his hair every night and pluck out the white hair stands.

On the other hand, his older wife was quite happy seeing his husband age so gracefully as she was sick of being mistaken for his mother. So she would pull out the black strands from his hair every morning.

Gradually, as the days passed, the poor man had no strands of hair left on his scalp; neither black nor white. And this bald man continued to live with his two wives in that old village in Greece.

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