Why this European Country is on Everyone’s Dream Trip List?


Have you ever wondered that there’s a country where you can enjoy awesome surfing waves in the mornings and skiing on snowy mountains in the afternoons? And a country that is home to centuries-old castles and cities, and best place to taste best culinary secrets? The biggest clue – the country has been declared as Europe’s Leading Destination at the World Travel Awards 2018. Yes, we are talking about Portugal.

Despite its compact size, Portugal has made a significant impact on tourism. There are aplenty reasons to explore Portugal from its scenic resorts, exotic islands, idyllic beaches, to friendly locals. Read on to know the top reasons why you should plan your holiday to Portugal.

Top Reasons Why You Should Explore Portugal Now

Surf the bluest beaches

surfingPortugal is home to more than 150 stunning beaches offering ideal conditions for surfing. All kinds of surfers can find their idyllic spots. Renowned championships like Rip Curl Pro Portugal showcase surfing in the country to the world.

Pro-Tip – Don’t miss the perfect tubular waves in Peniche and the longest waves in Nazareth.

The beautiful Porto and Lisbon

PortoIf you have planned for a few days, then Lisbon and Porto should be on your itinerary. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, these are dainty sun-drenched cities. Known for its colorful buildings, and amazing food, Lisbon seems like a pic out of postcard. Along with examples of architectural wonders and urban art, both the cities also offer diverse and creative cultural options. Porto is an ancient city and is famous for its valley slopes to cultivate the Port wine.

Sun, sand, and sea

sea sandThe presence of the Atlantic Ocean and perfect climate conditions, make the country a popular choice for holidays in every season. The miles-long seashores of the country offer amazing landscapes, that allows you to enjoy its cooler sea in the north and warm placid sea in the south. 300 beaches (Yes, that’s the number of beaches in this small country) have first rate conditions and gained a status of Blue Flag beaches and 200 of them are accessible.

Strolling and Cycling

Strolls and canyoningTourists, who are looking for physical exercise along with local culture, can go for nature trails and cycling. Natural Parks and Reserves, UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks are sprawled across allowing travelers to enjoy outdoor activities whether it is more contemplative like bird watching or more extreme, like canyoning.

Secret Sintra

Pena PalaceEveryone has heard of Lisbon and Porto at least once, but have you ever heard of Sintra before? If not, then you have to explore this historical city. Nestled high in the mountains, Sintra is one of the enchanting cities in the world. Plan a day trip to Sintra to witness its grandness and 1,000 years of history.

Music Festivals

Music festivalsPortugal is haven for music lovers. Depending on the music you like, take a pick from the number of international festivals that are held in rural environment, near the rivers or at beaches.

Portuguese Cuisine

Food scenePrepared from fresh produce, Portuguese cuisine is typically hearty and leaves good memories. From the northern hillsides to the plains of the south, Portugal offers a range of culinary delights, among which Arroz de Tamboril, Bacalhau, Caldeirada de Enguias, Cataplana de Marisco, Francesinha are the signature dishes.

Opulent hotels

hotels in PortugalTourism in Portugal is emerging and it’s now a destiny of excellence. This boom has fomented for its wonderful landscapes, striking islands, music festivals, picturesque countryside, and bringing millions of tourists every year. So you can find hotel accommodations from boutique hotels, villas, and luxury hotel to budget hotels in abundance at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for accommodation with ocean views, countryside views, or city views, the country has numerous options for you.

Escape Portugal now and tell us more interesting reasons that you discovered.


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