Why Ljubljana Castle Deserves A Visit?

The Ljubljana Castle enjoys a fairy tale setting being situated right on top of a hill in the capital city of Slovenia. The lookout tower with a huge waving flag complements its beauty on a different level. It’s impossible to not visit this castle if you’re in Ljubljana because no matter where you are in this city, you will see the castle up on the hill urging you to pay a visit.


A Glimpse into the Ljubljana Castle



Ljubljana Castle is a major attraction of the city. It has gone through some significant changes in its architecture over the centuries. The castle was first built in the 11th century as a medieval fortress and was again reconstructed in the 12th century.


The present structure is a result of a complete renovation during the 15th century against Ottoman invasion. This castle was initially constructed for defence purposes but later on in the first half of the 14th century it became the seat of the lords of Carniola. In the early 19th century, it became a multi-purpose fortress.



Ljubljana castle

In the present times, the castle is a crucial cultural venue drawing a significant number of tourists. The city’s coat of arms proudly depicts the castle with a dragon perched on top of it.


Things to do inside the castle


  • Viewing tower is the best of all attractions that the castle has to offer. Take pleasure in spectacular views of the cityscape from a great height.
  • Get to know about the interesting history behind this magnificent castle through the 12 minute long documentary that the castle offers.
  • Marvel at the skilfully painted chapel.
  • The castle also houses Museum of Slovene History. Walk in the museum for an excellent experience.
  • Not just history, you can also amuse yourself in the Puppet Museum.
  • Collect a few memories for your loved ones back home from the souvenir shop.
  • Have a look at the various art exhibitions.
  • Indulge in great culinary experience inside the castle in Gostilna na Gradu restaurant for traditional Slovenian food and Strelec restaurant that boasts of having the best Slovenian chefs.


The best part of it all

Ljubljana castle entrance

  • There’s no entry fee for the castle courtyard. The courtyard houses a cafe, nightclub, galleries and a restaurant.
  • Even the exhibitions inside the castle are free to look at.


Ways to reach the castle

It is fairly accessible. There are multiple ways to reach the castle. You can choose your option according to your convenience and desire.


  • If you love hiking, you can walk up to the castle.
  • There’s a tourist train for people who would rather not walk.
  • You can also reach the castle through a funicular.


Other places to visit in Ljubljana

When it comes to tourist attractions, Ljubljana has a great many options to keep you on your feet. When you’re done with visiting Ljubljana castle you can head to the following attractions to make the most of your stay in Ljubljana.


  • Dragon Bridge
  • Triple Bridge
  • Tivoli Park
  • Ljubljana Cathedral
  • Central Market
  • Metelkova Mesto
  • Robba Fountain
  • Museum of Illusions
  • Ljubljanica River Trip
  • Town Hall

It is to be noted that the attractions in Ljubljana are not only limited to the ones mentioned in the list. There are so many things to see in this city that you would have to explore some of them on your own.

Hope you have a great vacation in Ljubljana!


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