The Top 4 Countries in Europe that are Best for Budget Travelers in 2018

If traveling was free, you’d never see me again. — Unknown Author

This famous quote truly expresses our desire to travel and how our wishes are tied down by the costs involved. Europe is everybody’s dream destination but it’s true that it can be expensive. However, knowing few travel ideas can make your cost go down south.

A little research and you can find a world of budget-friendly beautiful European destinations that are brimming with vibrant culture, exotic cuisine, picturesque views, and waiting to get explored. Here’s a list of vacation destinations that go easy on your pocket but enrich your memories. Get ready to pack your bags!



Why travel?  – This small Baltic nation in Europe is beautiful with diverse landscapes, from blue lakes to green forests to stunning coastline. Castles and palaces welcome you with open doors and mesmerize you with their beautiful intricate designs.

Stay at Hotel: You can book a 3-star hotel for as low as 35 Euros per night.

Tips to save:

  • Stay at local hotel apartments and hostels. They are cheap and safe too.
  • Ditch the multicuisine restaurant and try the local restaurants that serve delicious Estonian cuisine which would be costing you around 4 to 5 Euros.
  • Go for the free walking tours
  • Few museums and historical sites offer free admission days. Take note of that and save more.



Why travel? – The country is a visual treat for nature enthusiasts. The Castle Hill sights will keep you hooked while the highlights in downtown Pest, across the river will intrigue you. Try the many spas based around hot-water springs. They are dirt cheap and unique too.

Stay at Hotel: You can book a 3-star hotel for as low as 20 Euros per night.

Tips to save:

  • Take the public transport. It will save you few bucks and would also show you the real Hungary
  • Check for the free wine and beer tasting sessions. They usually come with free food too.
  • Few tourist sites offer free admission on few days. Take note of that and save more.


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Why travel? – Explore a country that is located on both Europe & Asia & also mixes tradition with modernity like no other place. Explore the country’s fascinating history while roaming through the breathtaking landscapes. Don’t miss the delicious local food and a relaxation session at Turkish hamams.

Stay at Hotel: You can book a 3-star hotel for as low as 13 Euros per night.

Tips to save:

  • Look out for Turkish lokantas. They are basic restaurants serving cheap and traditional Turkish food. A three course menu would be under 20 lira.
  • Take the local bus system in Turkey. It is cheap and comfortable too.
  • Few monuments have free tourism days. Keep a tab on that.



Why travel? – If you leave the history of World War II behind, you will find Germany wrapped in some of the most beautiful landscapes, fairy tale castles, important historic sites and bustling party scenes. It has got the beauty of Europe but is cheaper than its counterparts like Paris and London.

Stay at Hotel: You can book a 3-star hotel for as low as 50 Euros per night.

Tips to save:

  • Take the bus or train. They connect the country well and are cheap too.
  • Few cities offer tourist cards too. Look for one as they can save you up to 50% on travel and sites tickets.
  • Local restaurants are a must try if you want experience the actual European food and culture.

Now, do you still have reasons to not make your European dreams come true?

  1. Laura Richards

    I think that Italy can be really budget friendly. Sure there are many possibilities but you can do it on a tight budget.

    1. Monalisha Mallick

      Thanks Laura. Do share with us few tips. We would love to share them with the world.

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