Places Where Fairy Tales Come To Life

Has it ever happened that while reading a book or watching a movie you’ve imagined yourself in the midst of a fairy-tale setting? We cannot promise you a prince charming but we can surely give wings to your dreams of living in a fairy tale as far as the exotic locations are concerns. Check out our list of fairytale-like locations that will make you want to fly there right away.


5 Best Fairytale-like Locations in the World


Colmar, France

Located in the Alsace region in France, this small town goes by the name of “Little Venice”. It’s a perfect place to enjoy boat rides in a canal skirted by beautifully painted buildings that are lined with cobblestone streets. This quiet little town is a perfect choice for a dreamiest vacation.


How to reach: The fastest way to reach is to fly to Basel, Switzerland. Colmar is only around 70kms from Basel, you can either take a bus or a train from Basel.



Bibury, England

When the artist William Morris visited Bibury in the 1800s, he called “the most beautiful village in England”. Though much time has passed, this village in England still retains its rustic charm and the old-fashioned homes. You can have your fairy-tale holiday that you always wished for in this enchanted village.


How to reach: Fly to London and from there take either a bus or a train to Bibury.



Manarola, Italy

Situated in Cinque Terre in Italy, this picturesque village enjoys a beautiful geographic location on a cliff along the sea shore. The colourful houses in Manarola look like they’ve been hanging on the cliffs. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Plan your next vacation to this town for a dramatic fairytale-ish twist.


How to reach: Fly to Milan and from there take a train to Manarola.



Rakotz Bridge, Germany

Rakotz Bridge in Kromlau, Germany is one of the ancient bridges that are called “devil’s bridges”. It’s reflection in the water makes it look like a complete circle. Pass under the bridge and imagine yourself as being a character in a dark fairy tale.

Rakotz Bridge

How to reach: The bridge is in Kromlauer Park, Eastern Germany. Fly to Berlin and from there you can go by road to the location.


Tbilisi, Georgia

There is a quirky clock tower in the middle of the old town of Tbilisi, Georgia. It has an interesting history behind its construction.


The credit for its construction goes to puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze. He collected different pieces from deserted buildings and remains of ruins in Tbilisi in order to build this funky and jumble landmark. Don’t let its appearance fool you. Till date it shows the correct time.


Give wings to your fairytale dreams!


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