Left Conventional Santorini & Ios to this Exotic Greek Beauty

Paros: The hidden gem in the Aegean Sea


If you are planning a Greek island getaway, chances are that you have already considered traveling to Santorini, Mykonos or Ios. But, there is another hidden gem located in the Aegean Sea. The beautiful island of Paros.

Five Days in Paros – The Greek Beauty

Myself and three of my friends visited Paros this summer. Our trip began with us landing in Athens airport. From there we took a short half an hour plane trip to the island. The airport of Paros is a small and a quaint one. It consists of a shop sized building with one conveyor belt. We had to wait to get a taxi as it was peak season and we would recommend booking one beforehand. As we traveled to our hostel, we passed green hills, beautiful cliffsides and turquoise waters.

Our hostel was located in Parikia, the capital of the island. This is where the port is located. The first thing that we did was visit the beach. After a five minute walk from our hostel, we are met with the glistening blue waters of the sea and a view straight out of a brochure. Parikia is filled with golden sandy beaches, taverns, blue-domed churches and restaurants by the seaside. There are fishing harbors everywhere and they are filled with picturesque white sailing yachts.

Paros on a Quad Bike

We hired two quad bikes which was one of the greatest highlights of our trip. The quad bikes allowed us to go sightseeing and travel around the island with ease. We visited the famous Kolymbithres beach that has unique rock formations and is popular with water sports.

Exploring Paros Island like a Local

Paros Cuisine

In the next couple of days we explored the whitewashed streets of Parikia and Naoussa. We wandered through the narrow maze-like alleys of Naoussa and visited the Moraitis Winery, where we sampled the exquisite local wine with cheese. Surprisingly, Paros has a vibrant nightlife too. The island is particularly popular with young people and we met people from all around the world.

Horse Riding in Paros

On one of the days we went horse riding. In the morning, we arrived at the Thanasis Farm stables and were welcomed by the friendly family who owns the stables. We proceeded to ride from the farm and to the beach.

Horses of Paros

Riding the horses in the water with the wind blowing in our hair was an amazing experience. The horses seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

Last Day in Paros

On our last day, we hopped on the ferry in the port of Parikia. Our next stop was Athens. We had spent five days in Paros and these were the best five days of our entire trip!


Paros proved to be the perfect holiday getaway. It is perfect for travelers who are seeking a more laid back vibe but also adventure. Paros was less crowded compared to islands like Santorini or Mykonos. If you are planning to go island hopping or are looking for a memorable experience, consider Paros as one of your stops. You will not regret it.

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  1. We traveled to Greece for ten days; five days in Paros and five days in Athens. I forget to mention that there is a small island called Antiparos which is opposite of Paros and less than a mile away. It would be fun to visit it if you decide to spend your holidays in Paros.

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