In The Lap Of The Mighty Alps

The Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe. These mountains mainly stretch across the six European countries – Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The Alpine mountain ranges boast of being an extraordinary place to spend your vacation with wonders of nature abounding. These also offer a place where several cultures dwell with their own cuisines, architecture and much more. Let’s raise the bar of vacation this season with  the Alps.


6 Countries Where You Can Have an Alpine Vacation



austriaAustria is one of the six European countries where you can enjoy the vast expanse of the Alps. The country is a perfect holiday destination and boasts of overwhelming landscapes and picturesque towns. It is a jewel in the crown of Europe that lacks in nothing from architecture, culture, history, art, hospitality, cuisine to natural landscapes.




franceFrance is one of the most visited countries of Europe. From the most popular tourist attractions of Paris, beautiful beaches, to-die-for cuisine, relaxing countryside to the French Alps –France has it all to top the bucket list of most travelers. French Alps are an experience that you must include in your France itinerary.




germanyGermany is a land of many wonders both natural and man-made. It’s truly an enchanting country with fairytale castles sitting atop mountains, strange museums, world famous bread, breathtaking landscape, adrenaline driven activities and a lot more. The Alpine ranges of Germany are a paradise in summer for hikers and in winter for skiers and snowboarders.




italyItaly has been an alluring destination for travelers from a long time. Famous for fashion, art, architecture, culture, luxurious resorts, mouth watering cuisine, and of course, amazing landscape, this country is an unrivaled holiday destination. Explore the Alpine treasure in Italy and let the mountains make you feel at home.




sloveniaSlovenia is situated at the merging point of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian plains. It is a country where you can still feel the old world charm. Rejoice in the beauty of nature in hills, plains, forests, hot water springs, caves, mountains and coasts. The snow laden Slovenian Alps are a sight to behold and are definitely something you should not miss.




switzerlandSwitzerland needs no description. The legendary beauty of lakes and mountains of Switzerland are world known. Despite its small size, this country casts a spell on travelers with its unparalleled beauty. Swiss Alps are a natural wonder where you can indulge in a number of winter activities and make the most of your vacation.


Are you all geared up for your Alpine vacation?

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