European Cities Whose Christmas Magic Will Enchant You


Planning to go on a festive vacation? Then, this list is just for you. Choose your favourite destination among our best picks for an enchanting Christmas holiday with your family or friends.


Top 5 European Cities for a Memorable Christmas Vacation


Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen-238562_1280Copenhagen is one of the best places for a Christmas vacation. The entire city is illuminated by colourful lights, and beautiful Christmas trees and the Christmas decorations are surely a sight to behold. The city’s atmosphere makes it welcoming retreat for a Christmas holiday.



Dublin, Ireland

dublinChristmas is in the air, in the streets, in the buildings…every place in the city of Dublin is engulfed in the cozy spirit of Christmas. The festive cheer surrounds the city and the ice rinks and the carols being sung at St Patrick’s Cathedral make Christmas a blissful affair in Dublin.



Salzburg, Austria

salzburgThe best of Austria can be found in Salzburg. The Baroque architecture, a heart-throbbing musical scene, sub-Alpine scenery –now add Christmas cheer to all of this and the end product you will get is bound to be absolutely amazing.



Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh-1864254_1280In Edinburgh’s capital, you get the best of all worlds. It’s history, cosmopolitan culture, and geography gives a different edge to the Christmas flair. Speaking of location, it enjoys a geographic location on top of a series of volcanoes that have gone extinct and rocky cliffs that look breathtaking as they rise from the Lothian which is mostly flat.



Lapland, Finland

laplandHow can one not include Lapland in the list of places for Christmas vacation? After all, it’s the hometown of Father Christmas. The Santa Claus Village and Santa Park are among the must see attractions of the city. There’s no doubt that the magic of Christmas comes alive in Lapland.

Where are you heading for your Christmas vacation?


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