Christmas is White in This German Town

Christmas markets are an absolute magical affair. There are many Christmas markets around the world but Nuremberg Christmas market or Christkindlesmarkt has a special charm with a history dating back to many centuries. In December, the white carpet of snow covers the city of Nuremberg making it look like a stunning fairy tale setting and making it a perfect place to celebrate white Christmas. Let’s take a look at some of the traditional things you will find in the most famous Christmas market of Germany.


Top 5 Traditional Things in Nuremberg Christmas Market


Nuremberg sausages

Nuremberg sausages are famous for their deliciousness. They are traditional and yummy as their recipe was written in 1497. Savour the taste of grilled sausages seasoned with marjoram at the many booths at the Christmas market.

sausageHow to check if it’s authentic?

You’ll know that it’s authentic Nuremberg sausage if it’s as heavy as 23 grams and is almost the size of your little finger.


Nuremberg gingerbread

gingerbreadGingerbread or Lebkuchen as Germans call it has been baked in Nuremberg for over 600 years. No matter what size and taste you prefer, Nuremberg Christmas market won’t disappoint you. You’ll find gingerbread in all shapes and sizes with different flavours like chocolate, sugar, strawberry and so on in beautiful packaging. Don’t forget to buy some as souvenirs for your dear ones back home.


Nuremberg Christkind

The Christkind has been a special figure of Nuremberg Christmas market for many decades.

ChristkindlesmarktWho is the Christkind?

Every two years a girl in her late teens with blonde hair is chosen to be the Christkind. She visits the Christkindlesmarkt on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3pm in a white gown adorned with glittering gold strands accompanied by a gold crown. She is responsible for opening the market with a prologue from the balcony Church of Our Lady.

You can even click pictures with her and give her your wishes.


Prune Men

prune menPrune Men or Zwetschgenmännle are a part of tradition in Nuremberg Christmas. There are handmade from dried prunes and figs and come in many avatars such as waiters, football players, piano players, and many more. These are a great souvenir to buy as they are unique to Nuremberg.


Stagecoach tour

coachHorse drawn yellow stage coaches are a special attraction of Christkindlesmarkt. A tour of Nuremberg riding on the cobbled streets of the old town is a must-not-miss activity. Sit back on the mail coach and experience a nostalgic and charming trip listening to the Christmas songs around Nuremberg decorated with festive lights.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance!


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