Best Instagrammable Places in Spain

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Spain has everything- there is music, dance, a heap of art, beautiful landscapes, great historical sites, serene beaches, vibrant nightlife, gorgeous buildings, religious places, and pleasant weather. Hence, there is no wonder why Spain is everyone’s favorite. Everywhere you look, this city is colorful and has a very energetic vibe, and this city leaves a mark on every tourist with its architectural wonders. And there are a lot of Instagrammable places in Spain which are perfect for pictures and your gram!

There is no right or wrong time to visit Spain; the city impresses us every 365 days. The city is one of the most popular European getaways in the world. Spain also has a very diverse and delicious cuisine. Apart from this, it is also a city that defines football as religion. It is a beloved sport by everyone in Spain. The city will be the dream destination for every football fan.


The landscapes and scenery Spain has to offer are something that we need to preserve and cherish. This article will introduce you to the most instagrammable places in Spain. And if you are going to Spain for the first time, here is a beginner’s guide to making your trip memorable and leveling up your insta game.


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Old Town of Calpe

This charming old town of Calpe has the most beautiful corners. As protection against pirate attacks, the city has a wall that runs along the perimeter of the old town to defend against pirate attacks. The narrow, cobbled streets, alleys full of beautiful plants and flowers, bedecked stairs, Roman ruins, ancient city walls, and churches. This little town will make you pose and click many pictures.

Old Town of Calpe
Well, this place would make a perfect spot for a cover photo.

Estepona, Andalusia

A coastal town, Estepona has many cafes serving amazing traditional Spanish delicacies. The little town preserves a pueblo vibe and charm with all its beauty. You will find many decorated and colorful steeps and narrow streets with bicycle paths here. Estepona is also known as the ‘Garden of the Costa del Sol.’ One thing that makes Estepona different from other coastal regions of Spain is that it is a lot quieter. The Orchidarium will be a delight for many and also a great place to click some pictures with beautiful flowers as background. 

Estepona, Andalusia
Flowers are the smiles of nature!

Santa Cruz, Seville

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife. This town is surrounded by breathtaking mountains, making them the city’s main attractions. There are also museums, art galleries, and churches to visit. There is so much great architecture, charming Ombre-colored buildings, and wall artwork to explore as you stroll the streets. And, of course, all these will make Santa Cruz a perfect instagrammable place in Spain to click many pictures.

Santa Cruz, Seville
Sip some coffee, Pose and Post!

Lavender fields, Brihuega

Brihuega has 30+ lavender fields, producing nearly 10% of the world’s lavender. The soothing smell of lavender hangs over the village. The town of Brihuega is lovely. It’s worth going there even if it weren’t famous for the lavender fields. It features a beautiful old town with embellishments made of lavender on numerous balconies and streets.

Lavender Fields
Lavender fields & lavender skies


Valldemossa gives an old-world charm. This picturesque town with little alleys and old stone houses makes us fall in love again and again. The little town is set up against blue skies, lush greenery, and colorful and impressive buildings. Explore this little town and stroll around the charming streets. And yes, click as many pictures as possible for the gram! 

Taking an image here, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is


This lovely town is the definition of an Instagram treasure trove. Another striking aspect of this stunning location is revealed with each bend down a winding pedestrian street. Framed by white buildings’ covered in vibrant pink flowers make this place more beautiful. Frigiliana is known as the white village of Spain. The Spanish Tourism board named it the prettiest village in Andalusia.

Pose! Click! Post!

Stone Houses of Potes

A tiny medieval village in an idyllic valley in the Picos de Europa. This town offers some spectacular scenery. Picos de Europa is also full of places and views suitable for wallpaper or landscape photography. Potes have a lot of street bridges, ancient buildings, and monuments. And to add more beauty the place is surrounded by spectacular mountains, with running streams and rivers. And it is an ideal place to visit anytime around the year. This is a perfect off-beat destination in Spain, and when you want to avoid crowds, find a perfect spot to click pictures for Insta!

Stone Houses of Potes
Postcard perfect places

Güell park

The park was inspired by English garden cities and conceived residential towns, but somehow the plan changed and transformed into an outstanding public park. Güell park is regarded as one of the world’s most significant modernist works, showcasing Gaud’s full artistic abilities. The designer has used cutting-edge building concepts for the architecture. The only thing you need to be careful about while visiting Spain is never to miss this place in your itinerary. Every year, almost 12 million tourists see this incredible architecture and stand in awe in front of this beauty. 

Güell Park
Oh! How can you not click a picture here!

With its enchanted palaces and castles and breathtaking medieval and modern architecture, Spain will surprise and excite you. Every day it’s a holiday here. Spain is a pouch that carries history and modernity so elegantly. The culture and people of Spain are all about celebration and fun. They dance, sing, laugh, and make the city and its vibe more colorful. Now, what are you waiting for? Book your flights, fly and pose! Explore these instagrammable places in Spain. We are excited about how fab your Insta feed will be after this trip.



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