Amsterdam is Fun & Weird – These Top 5 Museums Prove So

Between the friendly locals, picturesque urban beaches, click-worthy canals, and scintillating cuisine lies Amsterdam, undoubtedly the most relaxed Capital of Europe. Not only beautiful, but the city also has some freaky stuff too to raise your crazy quotient.

The vibrant city is home to museums – and no we are not talking about regular historical museums here. We are talking about museums that will make you raise your eyebrows. Just to let you know, Amsterdam has museums of shoes, purses, jewelry, diamonds, and also museums of cat houseboats, science, beer brewing, human anatomy, and everything else in the world.

Crazy yet fun-filled, discover the weird side of this fantastic city at these top 5 museums:

Vrolik Museum

Vrolik Museum

Preserved anatomical specimens, Siamese twins, skeletons, and cyclopean babies – Vrolik museum is all about human anatomy. The museum focuses on the abnormalities and deformities in the human body. The place has grown from from the personal collection of Professor Gerardus Vrolik, a 19th-century anatomy scientist.

What’s weird/ strange here?  The items in this museum are real human body parts and centuries ago they were used for medical case studies.

Admission: Free, but donations are appreciated.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm

Torture Museum

Torture Museum

Endeavoring to document the checkered history of human cruelty, the Torture Museum lifts the lid on torture devices and methods used throughout history, from the renowned guillotine to the lesser-known thumb screw.

What’s weird/ strange here?  Torture Museum boasts a variety of exciting devices, from well-known objects like the Guillotine, the rack, and the stocks, to lesser known objects like thumb screws and the flute of shame.

Admission: Adults € 5; Children € 2, 50

Opening Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM

Katten Kabinet

Katten Kabinet

Cat lovers, this one is for you! The quirky Katten Kabinet is entirely devoted to cats. Nestled in an awe-inspiring canal house, all the rooms are decorated with cat-related artwork. Wander from room-to-room taking in the drawings, paintings, sculptures, and marvel at art created by well-known artists such as Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Sal Meijer.

What’s weird/ strange here?  Don’t be stunned, if a cat brushes past you while you’re inside the museum. Just wondering how a cat museum could be complete without real cats.

Admissions:  Adults: €6, Children up to the age of 12 years: €3, Groups (eleven visitors or more):    €4

Opening Hours: Weekdays – 10AM–5PM, Weekends- 12–5PM

Perron Oost

Museum Perron Oost

Are you not a fan of museums because it takes hours of your schedule? Well, don’t worry. Museum Perron Oost may be the apt pick for you. From lost souls to squatters, you can discover the colorful stories of those who have passed through the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands through a variety of recreations, dances, music performances, film, art installations, and poems.

What’s weird/ strange here?  Amsterdam Eastern Docklands tales – stories right from the beginning of it as an industrial area to its time as a shelter for Jewish refugees and later its purpose as a prison and juvenile detention center: See all at one place here.

Admissions:  Free Entry

Opening Hours:  The opening hours of the museum depend on the activities of the museum.

Corpus Museum

Corpus Museum

This is by far one of the most unique experiences you’ll find in Amsterdam. The Corpus Museum showcases replication of  gigantic human body. It’s an education experience that you’ll never forget.

What’s weird/ strange here?   As you walk through the museum, you might feel that you have internally traveled through human body, experiencing its inner workings and discovering how it functions from the inside.

Admission: 0 – 5 Free, 6 – 14 €14.25, 15 and over €16.75

Opening Hours: 9AM–5PM

                                                                   Ready to take off to Amsterdam?

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