Make Your Disney Princess Dream A Reality in These European Destinations

Disney movies have a huge fan base around the world. Adaptations of popular fairy tales by Disney have been a popular source of entertainment for all the generations for years and continue to be so. Young girls, in particular, weave their fantasies around the kind of lifestyle shown in these animated movies but are later heartbroken when they realize that none of it is really true. But what if we told you that you could live your Disney dream in these castles around the world that inspired several fairy tale adaptations. Yup, you read that right! Scroll down to turn your dream into reality.

5 Real-World Disney Locations in Europe


Mont Saint-Michel, France (Tangled)


The Kingdom of Corona and Rapunzel’s castle shown in “Tangled” which is the Disney adaptation of the popular fairytale Rapunzel are inspired from an island village located in the Northwest coast of France and Mont Saint-Michel Abbey respectively. So, this time, when you plan your trip to France, you know what to include in your itinerary.

Where: It’s situated off the coast of Normandy. It takes around 3 hrs to reach here by train from Paris.


Akershus Fortress, Norway (Frozen)


Loosely based on the story of Snow Queen, Disney’s “Frozen” became people’s favourite as soon as it hit the theatres. Anna and Elsa ruled everyone’s hearts as Disney princesses. The castle in which these two princesses lived has been inspired by the Akershus Fortress in Oslo, Norway. Doesn’t it make you want to visit it right away!

Where: Sentrum, Oslo


Temple of Olympian Zeus, Greece (Hercules)


This is for all the “Hercules” fans. Temple of Olympian Zeus in Greece is the place where Hercules used to talk to his father Zeus (who possessed his own statue in the temple). Though the statue doesn’t exist anymore, you can still see the temple and have a look at the ancient Greek mythology, art and architecture.

Where: Zappeio, Athens


Alcázar de Segovia, Spain (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


Chateau de Chillon on the shore of Lake Geneva-switzerland

It is said that Walt Disney was inspired by the Alcázar de Segovia to create the evil queen’s castle in the famous fairytale “Snow White and the Seven Dwafs”. Don’t forget to note it down in your Spain itinerary because its 152 step tower is undoubtedly worth a climb as you get an astonishing view of the castle grounds just like Snow White when she looked down from her balcony.

Where: This castle is located near Segovia, and it takes approximately 2 hours from Madrid to get here by train.


Château de Chillon, Switzerland (The Little Mermaid)


Who doesn’t love the movie “The Little Mermaid”? When Ariel overcomes all the obstacles and finally finds her happy ending with Prince Eric, the castle that is shown in this scene is modeled after the Château de Chillon. It’s a beautiful castle in Switzerland with a beach; just perfect to click those Instagram worthy snaps.

Where: The castle is in Veytaux which takes almost 3 hours from Zurich to reach by train.

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