Etihad & Emirates Resumes Passenger Flights from Dubai & Abu Dhabi


  • Emirates resumes flights from April 6
  • Etihad commences flights from April 5
  • Initial Emirates flights to operate from Dubai to London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich and Brussels
  • Initial Etihad flights to commence from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Amsterdam
  • Stringent entry restrictions, however, remains across the world; travelers are advised to check before travel
  • Cleaning and disinfection would be there after each flight, and they will not carry passengers on return journeys to Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Emirates Resumes Flights 

With Emirates and Etihad resuming flights, the dreams of traveling remain intact for many who had gleam hopes amidst this Coronavirus lockdown.

Emirates Airlines is all set to resume a limited number of outbound passenger flights from April 6, less than 15 days after its coronavirus-enforced suspension. Emirates flight would be from Dubai, with 4 flights weekly to London Heathrow, and 3 flights weekly to the other cities. For health and safety reasons, Emirates has modified his inflight service program.

Below are the updates on the outbound Emirates flights:

  • Magazines and other print reading material will not be available
  • Food and beverages would be served but the packaging and presentation would be different.
  • Emirates’ Lounge and Chauffeur Drive services will not be available.

Emirates Flights

“Emirates has received approval from UAE authorities to restart flying a limited number of passenger flights,” its chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, said on Twitter.

“From April 6, these flights will initially carry travelers outbound from UAE,” he said.

Saudi quarantine offers temporary lifeline to struggling hotels

Saudi Arabia has quarantined thousands of people in hotels, some in luxury suites, to combat Covid-19, throwing a temporary lifeline to an industry struggling just months after tourist visas were launched.

 Emirates airline announces repatriation flights to seven more destinations

Emirates airline is to launch repatriation passenger services to Jakarta, Manila Taipei, Chicago, Tunis, Algeria, and Kabul.

The flights are in addition to London and Frankfurt, which were previously announced, and will depart from Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3.

Only citizens of the destination country and those who meet the entry requirements will be allowed to board.

Source: Arabian Business

Etihad to Start Flights from Abu Dhabi

Etihad soon joined Emirates and has announced that it would start outbound flights from Abu Dhabi to limited destinations in its network.

Flights currently available to book on Etihad:

5 April 2020 – Seoul

7 April 2020 – Singapore

8 April 2020 – Manila

9 April 2020 – Bangkok

9 April 2020 – Jakarta

Etihad Airways announces new repatriation flights, including London, Tokyo and Dublin

Etihad Airways has announced repatriation flights to five new destinations that will allow passengers stranded in the UAE due to Covid-19 restrictions, the opportunity to return home.

The new destinations from Abu Dhabi include Brussels, Dublin, London Heathrow, Tokyo Narita and Zurich, with between two and three departure dates announced for each service.

Etihad resumes flights

Let’s Go Down the Memory Lane

Here’s an excerpt from our earlier article that would restore your faith in these hard times and inspire you to travel.

Many of us don’t need to be convinced about the healing abilities of travel. However, it’s always better to be reminded of the positive side of the things we love to do to make us love them even more.

Read the complete article here.

Do you know traveling is neither a way out nor a way in? It’s just a way where you get to relax, introspect, and indulge in adventure activities.

Here’s a different take on travel

So, as Emirates & Etihad get ready to operate their first passenger flights since the lockdown, which place do you wish to go? Is it the historic city of London or charming Singapore?

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So let the shadow of lockdown leave your dreams, and the hopes of a beautiful world make a grand entry with this fantastic update from Emirates & Etihad.

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