Escape The Ordinary: Top 10 Places To Visit In February


There are some of the best destinations in the world to visit in February where you can experience leisure adventure and nature at its best, whether you want to take a long holiday or just a quick weekend break. From the northern to the southern hemispheres, February is regarded as the best month for vacations with nice weather. There are places where you can embrace the warm sun and unwind in the pleasant and comforting weather, while other regions of the planet endure extreme cold, allowing you to try some winter adventures. 

There are several ways to enjoy a wonderful trip in February, whether you decide to go skiing or take to the hills, relax on the beach or take a sunbath. We have listed top vacation spots in February where you may spend quality time with your family or companion. Since we have the entire globe at our disposal, why not lift the spirits with a refreshing getaway?

Top 10 Places to Visit in February

Mendoza – Argentina

The Argentine summer is in full swing in February, making for enjoyable vacations in the renowned city. Under the brilliant blue skies and pleasant sunshine of the season, Mendoza’s locations appear more endearing. Mendoza is alluring, especially after the big World Cup win. Though the whole country is basking in the glory of their victories now, there is a celebratory mood everywhere. On the sidewalks, you will see hopping lounges and restaurants. Due to its favorable weather, Argentina is among the top destinations to visit in February.


How to explore Mendoza? 
  • Food Splurge: World-class meat is served, roasted over a wood fire, and Malbec-flavored ice cream is also available. This is one specialty that you shouldn’t miss out on when in Mendoza. 
  • Uco Valley: Uco Valley is where the stunning panorama of the frozen Andes and vibrant green vines will wow you while you go on a road trip. 
  • Andes Mountains: Visit the Andes on horseback to take in the scenery. 
  • Vineyard excursions: are thrilling and fascinating in this place. February is the harvest season, so you can learn more about the harvested crop on tour. 
  • Paragliding: Go paragliding to unleash your wildest adventurer. 
  • Cerro de la Gloria: In the city of Mendoza, visit the Cerro de la Gloria, a tiny peak. At the top is a massive Army of the Andes memorial monument weighing 14 tons. 
  • Parque General San Martin: One of the city’s attractions can be enjoyed by strolling along the lakefront and relaxing in the rose garden’s shade at the lovely 420-hectare Parque General San Martin. Tennis courts, an equestrian center, a golf course, children’s playgrounds, a university campus, a World Cup stadium, a mediocre zoo, and a sizable amphitheater where the yearly wine harvest festival is held are also included in the park’s amenities.

Lapland – Finland

One of the most unique destinations to travel to in February in Europe is Finnish Lapland, which offers the most incredible vacation one could ever imagine. The world’s only sauna gondola, a wooden cable car that transports passengers for a steamy ride over the slopes of Yllas Ski Resort, should never be passed up. This is the adventurous place to go if you are a fitness freak who cannot imagine taking a trip without going to the gym. It is among the world’s most exciting and interesting locations to visit in February. 


How to explore Lapland? 
  • Yllas National Park: You can choose to fat-bike through the starkly white landscape of Yllas National Park. Courageous bikers can pedal in deep snow thanks to this sturdy tread. And if you go for a nighttime stroll with a friend, there is a good chance you will see those elusive, whirling lights in the sky. 
  • Aurora Domes: It is a place where igloo-like tents are outfitted with transparent walls, for the finest view of stunning auroras. Just add barbeque and a wood fire to this scene for a perfect holiday! 
  • Santa Park: It is a Rovaniemi amusement park that is rated as the world’s best Christmas destination. Take the Magic Train to explore enchanted lands, get a certificate at the Elf School, go beneath the Arctic Circle to the chilly domain of the Ice Princess, and experience the frosty air of winter in the Ice Gallery. 
  •  Levin Lapinkyla: Visit this reindeer farm to experience the most exciting reindeer safaris. 
  • Arktikum: It is a museum and science center where you can get a close-up look at northern nature, culture, and history. 
  • Arktikum Beach: During the darkest parts of the year, this beach is a great site to see the northern lights dancing across the sky.

Ibaraki – Japan

Japan is renowned for being the “country of the rising sun.” In addition to Mount Fuji and the many tea shops in this area, Ibaraki is a stunning location in the Kanto Plain, northeast of Tokyo. Hitachi Seaside Park, one of the world’s most stunning parks, is located here. One of the top locations in Asia to travel to in February is this. It is a large area of land covered in different kinds of flowers. One of the nicest places to travel with your loved one in February is undoubtedly a spot that admirers of plants can refer to as a paradise. 


How to explore Ibaraki? 
  • Food Destinations: If you wish to try out some authentic Japanese cuisine, then pay a visit to Genki Sushi which serves sushi, CoCo Ichibanya which serves traditional Japanese delicacies, and Gyu-Kaku which serves Japanese barbecue. 
  • Lake Kasumigaura: Go on a boating excursion on Lake Kasumigaura to get soaked in the beauty. 
  • Hitachi Seaside Park: This park has expansive flower meadows to check out. 
  • Fukuroda Falls: It is located in the secluded hills of the town of Daigo in northwest Ibaraki Prefecture, is a haven of happiness. Plan a bonfire and barbeque on a stony ridge at the end of the waterfalls. 
  • Mount Tsukuba: Explore this mountain range by hiking. One of the most well-known mountains in Japan, it is distinguished by its two peaks.

Cartagena – Colombia

The sights and sounds of this Colombian port city will satisfy any traveler’s senses. Corn-yellow colonial villas, palm-studded plazas, and powerful cocktails made with citrus-kissed ceviche make for the ideal vacation. Due to its idyllic beauty and welcoming atmosphere, old Cartagena is now considered the most romantic city in the world.

Cartagena You can also cling to the originality and beauty of the setting. Colorful murals, wandering musicians, Champeta dance clubs, and restaurants serving thin-crust pizzas can all be found on the streets.

How to explore Cartagena? 
  • Street food tour: Explore all sorts of exotic foods that have been hidden away on a street food tour! It offers the most delicious and mouth-watering food on every corner of the street. 
  • El Totumo Mud Volcano: It is a local tourist destination popular for its alleged healing mud bath. 
  • Panoramic Lift: Get on the Panoramic Lift to reach the highest point of Cartagena. It has a human elevator to reach the top. 
  • Castillo de la Concepción: Visit this place to explore this city’s millenary history.
  • Roman Route: Learn about the 3,000-year history of Cartagena on a 2-hour walking tour that follows the Roman Route. See important Roman monuments and ruins.
  • Santa Florentina marketplace: Step into the daily life of Cartagena by opting for a tour of this marketplace. Explore the traditional shops and check out local products and specialties.

Rangiroa – French Polynesia

God’s most stunning natural creations are found at Rangiroa, a location in French Polynesia. Do you enjoy viewing aquariums? So this is it, then. There is a natural aquarium there. Fascinating! Is it not? This entire stretch of Rangiroa’s naturally created aquarium is beyond magnificent, both from a bird’s-eye perspective and to human eyes. 

Are you a diver? Then make sure to put this on your travel itinerary if you want to see the most beautiful natural aquarium on earth. 


How to explore Rangiroa? 

  • French cuisine: Enjoy French cuisine in the most well-known locations named Te Mao, Snack Chez LiLi, and Snack Puna. 
  • Avatoru: It is one of the planet’s biggest coral atolls with a 200-kilometer radius. The coveted black pearls are produced here through the process of pearl farming. Purchase these exquisitely different pearls to give as gifts. 
  • Motu Nao Nao: Make travel plans to Motu Nao Nao. Three handcrafted cottages on a 75-acre private island were built to mirror the beauty and natural surroundings. 
  • Tiputa: Visit Tiputa to get away from the chaos of the city. Tiputa, a pretty village and an indisputably well-liked vacation spot, provides a great escape with its renowned attractions and fine restaurants. 
  • Beach excursions: You can explore the most diverse aquatic creatures by snorkeling and scuba diving along the beach. 
  • Moorea Dolphin Center: Visit the marine animal education center at Moorea to learn about dolphins. 

Rotorua – New Zealand

How could anyone pass up the chance to take a hot springs bath in wintery surroundings? No one can overlook Rotorua when we discuss hot springs and geysers. One of the most amazing geothermal wonderlands in the world is Rotorua, in New Zealand. This location draws tourists from all over the world who come to see and take in the bubbling mud pools and erupting geysers. This location will not let you down if you are looking for the top honeymoon destinations in February. 

On a freezing winter night, you would not want anything else! Do not forget to take side trips to learn about the intriguing Maori culture while you are unwinding. 


How to explore Rotorua?
  • Lake Rotorua: This lake is located in Mokoia Island’s center. In the vicinity of Rotorua, a number of sizable volcanoes disintegrated following a significant eruption about 200,000 years ago. This second-largest lake on the North Island was formed when it collapsed, leaving behind a circular caldera that was roughly 16 kilometers wide and filled with water. There is still geothermal activity beneath and surrounding Lake Rotorua. Enjoy a soak in one of these hot tubs. 
  • Waimangu Volcanic Valley: Sail through the historic Pink and White Terraces of the Waimangu Volcanic Valley will enhance your geothermal vacation. 
  • Volcanic Valleys: Kayak your way through the volcanic valleys and discover bays filled with geothermal delights. 
  • Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland: It is a breathtaking display of New Zealand’s most vibrant and distinctive geothermal components carved by many years of geothermal activity.

Huacachina – Peru

You can arrange a winter vacation to Peru if you grow tired of the crowds and public events in other holiday destinations. You can enjoy some alone time and serenity there. The most appealing aspect of this location, which is a little oasis in southwest Peru, is that it is encircled by gigantic sand dunes and a small lake. 

Only 96 people live in this paradise. Additionally, the city in Peru gives you a great location to enjoy the sunset and browse the quaint stores. And if you are feeling brave, give sandboarding a try! 


How to explore Huacachina? 
  • Renowned Eateries: Desert Nights, La Casa de Bamboo, and Nuna Cocina Lounge are the food joints to indulge your inner foodie. 
  • Ecocamp: Enjoy camping experience in opulent tents at Ecocamp Huacachina in Ica. Ecocamp Huacachina has a restaurant, a communal kitchen, a lounge, a garden, an outdoor pool, and a terrace with views of the pool. 
  • Adventurous activities: Ride a dune buggy, ride a paddle boat out onto the lagoon, or even go sandboarding. 
  • Sand dunes:Trek up to the top of the dunes around the oasis at Huacachina to get some good shots. 
  • Sunset experiences: This destination is also one of the most beautiful and picturesque sites in Peru to watch a sunset if you happen to be staying overnight or are still in town later in the day. 
  • Paracas National Reserve: The Paracas National Reserve is a must-stop along Peru’s southern coast due to its breathtaking coastline landscape and rich species.

Bahia – Brazil

The streets of Bahia come alive with vibrant festivals being hosted in its capital city, Salvador, creating one of the best countries to visit in February. It has a beautiful fusion of two cultures, Portuguese architecture and African drum beats. This is one of the greatest foreign destinations to visit in February because of the cobblestone streets, a large colonial city with churches, and a gorgeous backdrop of historic structures dating back to the 16th century. 

Bahia oozes history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. It is dotted with world heritage sites and deserted beaches. Go to this place to experience its numerous natural wonders because of the seaside communities and beautiful waterfalls. 


How to explore Bahia? 
  • Chapada Diamantina: One of Brazil’s most beautiful national parks, Chapada Diamantina offers a variety of hiking and trekking opportunities through picturesque valleys, mountain plateaus, and magical caverns. 
  • Salvador Elevator: The amazing outdoor elevator of Salvador is the world’s first public elevator and genuinely holds a significant and intriguing role in Salvador’s history. 
  • Mercado Modelo: This area is replete with cafes, canteens, and lounges. The market has 263 stalls on 8,410 square meters of two floors. Buy gifts and trinkets from Bahia. Here you can purchase customary musical instruments, apparel, hammocks, wood sculptures, lace, jewelry, beautiful leather objects, well-known rag dolls called “Baianas,” etc. 
  • Cave excursion: Discover the caves in this area and observe the waterfalls.

Cancun – Mexico

The fact that Cancun is situated on the edge of the Caribbean Sea puts it among the top locations in the world to travel to in February. Here’s your chance to consume a lot of Vitamin Sea in this town. In any case, Cancun is well known for its mesmerizing nightlife, fantastic restaurants, and beachfront hotels. An excellent vacation includes all of these elements. 

The wide variety of historical attractions will keep you enthralled in Cancun, which served as the center of the ancient Mayan civilization. One won’t feel bad about yourself when lying on the white-sand beaches for hours. Cancun is a perfect romantic getaway because of the coral beaches and mysterious ruins. It won’t be a surprise if you are able to spend the entirety of your Cancun vacation in a state of perpetual happiness. 


How to explore Cancun? 
  • Chichen Itza path: Discover this 4.7-kilometer circular route close to Tinicum. Since hiking and strolling are fairly popular activities here, you can run into other people while exploring this trail. The route is lovely to explore at any time of the year and is open all year. 
  • Temazcal steam bath: Learn about the ancient Temazcal steam bath ritual, which combines a revitalizing physical experience with ceremonial components to benefit the mind and spirit. 
  • Other attractions: Do not forget to stop by the Temple of Scorpio and the Underwater Museum.

Reykjavik – Iceland

The Northern lights are the main attraction of Iceland in February. Imagine sharing romantic time while cuddling beneath a sky that sparkles with shimmering green light. Additionally, it is among the best locations for mountaineering. 

The natural wonders of Iceland include glaciers, volcanoes, and hot springs. Its many positive attributes make it one of the most sought-after travel destinations worldwide. As February in Iceland can reach as low as -6 degrees Celsius, be prepared to endure the bitterest cold. 


How to explore Reykjavik? 
  • SONAR: It is Scotland’s top music festival. It takes place in February. 
  • Vatnajökull: Visit the biggest national park in Western Europe. This national park, which occupies 13% of Iceland’s area, is renowned for its distinctive features that represent the interdependence of fire and ice. As you travel through this area, you will see hot streams bursting forth from the frozen ice banks and crystalline white glaciers down to the black sands. 
  • Whale viewing tours: The most well-known whale viewing and sea adventure tours in Iceland may be found on Puffin Island. 

Make February exciting, breathtaking, and something you will never forget. Pack your bags and make travel plans to one of your preferred international locations to acclimatize to the brilliant hues of the globe! Rehlat can help you with all of your hotel and travel reservations and even create a special package for you. Visit these fascinating cities on the list above if you wish to get away from the daily grind!


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