Escape The Ordinary: 10 Best Places To Visit In September

Are you looking for top places to visit in September? September brings with it a relatively calm weather phenomenon. In most nations, it heralds the return of the monsoon and provides for pleasant weather. For various reasons, September is one of the greatest months to travel. Children are returning to school, the peak travel season is winding down, temperatures are beginning to fall, there is more availability in popular summer destinations, and hotel and flight costs start to drop. Let us assist you in deciding on the top ten places to visit in September.

Where To Next?

Hvar Island

Havr Island- An Ideal place to visit in September
Havr Island

Hvar has earned the rightful distinction of being Croatia’s best party destination. The most boisterous party areas on the island are in the town. There are many more reasons to adore this town besides the parties, like the delicious culinary options for foodies, the amazing old buildings for history buffs, and the abundance of picture-perfect cobblestone streets for photographers. It is indeed one of the perfect places to visit in September.


Attractions in Hvar Island, Croatia
  • Blue and Green Cave: In a luxurious speed boat, travel to the island of Vis, where you will find Green Cave on the little islet of Ravnik. Swim within the gorgeous Green Cave while catching its enchanted sunray.
  • Boat Cruise: Travel by boat to Dubovica Beach and the Pakleni Islands by setting sail on a small yacht. Spend the day swimming, snorkeling, or stand-up paddle-boarding while taking in the magnificent scenery.
  • Vrboska: It is the smallest village on the island and a wonderfully calm spot with modest fishing boats slowly bobbing in the water. You may see the remarkable St Mary’s Church Fortress and the centuries-old Church of St. Lawrence, in addition to the abundance of cafés and restaurants around the riverfront.
  • Franciscan Monastery: Just a short trip down the coastline from Hvar’s central plaza, you may explore this magnificent Franciscan Monastery from the 15th century, which features a wonderful collection of historical artifacts, coins, and maps as well as spectacular paintings by Venetian painters.
  • Mlini Beach: It is the place to go if you want to sunbathe or go swimming in a gorgeous environment without traveling too far from Hvar Town. The pebble beach is bordered by dazzling turquoise seas and offers lovely views over the adjacent islands.


Ölüdeniz_One of the best places to visit in September
White Sand & Pristine Beaches

In Fethiye, there is a small neighborhood called Ölüdeniz. It is located along Turkey’s Turquoise Coasts’ confluence of the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans. It is situated close to Mount Babada, 14 kilometers south of Fethiye. Because of its quiet waters—even during storms—it is known by the literal name of the Dead Sea. It is one of the best places to visit in September. The lagoon for a variety of water sports is this national natural reserve. Saltwater in Ölüdeniz is renowned for being turquoise and aquamarine, and the town’s beach has earned the Blue Flag designation.


Attractions in Ölüdeniz, Turkey
  • Paragliding: Mount Babada in this area is advertised as one of the best places in the world to paraglide due to its unique height, reliable weather, and exceptional panoramic panoramas.
  • Lycian Way: The town features a running path known as Lycian Way. A six-day Ultramarathon is organized on this track eastward, with racers starting in Ölüdeniz and finishing in Antalya. The route is around 220-240 kilometers long. The numerous significant ruins along this trail may catch your interest.
  • Scuba diving: Small diving sites in this town are packed with vibrantly colored marine life, making them ideal for beginners. If you are an expert diver, go deeper into the water and investigate the tunnels, drop-offs, and arches. In addition, a few neighboring archaeological diving sites have ties to Alexander the Great, dating back to 300 BC. Local diving schools offer instruction and issue scuba diving licenses too.
  • Dead Sea: The safe swimming conditions in the Dead Sea make it the perfect destination for a family beach vacation.
  • Saklikent Gorge: You may hike, paddle, or kayak to this place while taking in the breathtaking surroundings. You may also discover quaint village eateries that provide delectable and genuine Turkish breakfast in this area. 

Hoi An

Hoi An
As Pretty As It Be

Hoi An is a village in central Vietnam and one of the oldest cities in Asia. This village was labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Hoi An, south of Danang, means “a calm gathering spot.” It is one of Vietnam’s richest and most significant towns, both historically and culturally. One of the ideal places to visit in September. To know more about the most beautiful holiday destinations near Hoi An, click here.


Attractions in Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Food tasting: Hoi An’s cuisine is deliciously fascinating and multicultural because it is a trading port. Traditional regional food served here may be seen with influences from Eastern Asia and other South-Eastern Asian countries.
  • Cooking lessons: This is a well-liked tourist activity where visitors can learn about regional ingredients and try their hand at making some classic recipes.
  • Japanese bridge: This famous bridge dates to the 18th century AD and is well-known for its exquisite Japanese architecture and sturdy construction.
  • Night market: The Hoi An Night Market, which lies in the island’s center, is known for its mouthwatering local cuisine, beautiful lanterns that light up the whole street, and gorgeous Vietnamese goods.
  • Water Puppet Show: Water puppetry is a distinctive folk art that has a long history in Vietnam’s wet rice civilization and old folktales. The 90-minute Hoi An Water Puppet Show features twelve vignettes that depict Vietnamese farmers’ daily lives.



Happiness comes in waves

Hermanus is a charming location where you can travel through mountainous terrains, partake in a Wine Safari experience, and enjoy a show of beautiful whales during the Hermanus Whale Festival this time of year. You may go boating and get a sneak peek at the aquatic species like dolphins, whales, and sea lions which commonly visit the area. It is considered as one of the best places to visit in September.


Attractions in Hermanus, South Africa
  • Whale viewing: For a chance to see the spectacular marine creatures up close, sign up for a boat-based whale watching excursion.
  • Fernkloof Nature Reserve: Begin with a guided trek in the diverse park, where you can walk through fynbos and wildflower fields.
  • Shark-cage diving: Take a boat from the surrounding towns of Gansbaai or Kleinbaai to the great white sharks’ habitat, where you may observe sharks while being protected within an underwater cage.
  • Mountain ATV tour: Choose an ATV tour of Hermanus’s mountains for a land-based adrenaline thrill.
  • Downtown: Walk around the charming streets of the downtown area while perusing the various galleries and stores there. Enjoy a bottle of wine while gazing out at the bay and eating fresh seafood.



A View You Shouldn’t be missing

Sicily, an Italian island located at the point of the Mediterranean Sea, is a seductive and romantic vacation spot. We think this is one of the best places to visit in September. Throughout the year, many tourists are attracted by the spirit of art, culture, and history. The location is a gastronomic paradise since it offers delicious options for sophisticated dining and enticing street cuisine. Wine is the icing on the cake, making you want to go as soon as you think about it. 


Attractions in Sicily, Italy
  • Valley of Temples: It is the most well-known archaeological monument in Sicily, located close to the city of Agrigento. Visit the famous Concorde and Hera temples, two of the eight temples in this town.
  • Neapolis Archaeological Park: It is located in the contemporary city of Syracuse on the east coast of Sicily and has a Greek theater, a Roman amphitheater, and the Ear of Dionysius.
  • Trapani and Erice medieval village: Trapani offers a stunning perspective of the village life while Erice offers the perspective of the historic hamlet. Visit San Vito Lo Capo and the Monte Cofano reserve while you are in the same city.
  • Aegadian Islands: The 3 Aegadian Islands are Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. They are great for taking leisurely strolls, cycling, and swimming breaks in picturesque coves.
  • Monte Cofano Nature Reserve: It is situated on a mountain that has a route running alongside the water and ascending to Mount Cofano.
  • Scala Dei Turchi: This is Sicily’s most romantic beach for watching the sunset. The ideal combo is turquoise sea and limestone cliffs that turn orange and pink as and when the sun sets. It is excellent for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing.

Explore more about Italy in this blog.



Iceland’s capital and largest city is Reykjavik, located on its coast. The National and Saga museums, which chronicle Iceland’s Viking past, are located there. Breathtaking views of the sea and neighboring hills may be seen from the remarkable concrete Hallgrimskirkja church and its spinning Perlan glass dome. Highlighting Iceland’s volcanic activity is the geothermal Blue Lagoon near the village of Grindavik. An ideal place to visit in September.


Attractions in Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Blue Lagoon: Take a dip in a geothermal pool to soothe your mind and body. A swim in this pool is touted to have amazing healing impacts on the skin. 
  • Vatnajokull Ice Caves: Witnessing the ice roofs is an experience you just can’t get with anything else.
  • Reykjavik Shopping: There are several traditional markets, shops, and streets where locals sell affordable products. 
  • Skaftafell: Go for glacier hiking for an adventurous experience. The surroundings here are mesmerizing in blue and white colors. 
  • Cave Vidgelmir: Explore this lava cave in October when temperatures are bearable. Learn about every last inch of the volcanic activity in this island by walking down deep into the core of the cave.


Aruba Island-Plan a visit to this place in September
Seek To See More

With its pleasant and mild atmosphere all year long, Aruba is a great island to visit with your family. Its pristine seas and fantastic adventure sports make it one of the top Caribbean holiday destinations. You’ll want to come back again for the excellent dining options, stunning art galleries, and stunning beaches. Aruba won’t let you go until you fully immerse yourself in its culture by dancing to its pulsating music. If you are an adventure enthusiast, check out the adventurous things to do in Aruba in this blog


Attractions in Aruba, Netherlands
  • Eagle Beach: It is one of the island’s best beaches by default and is known as the “Low-Rise region” due to its low-rise hotels and timeshares.
  • Arikok National Park: It is home to various iguanas, goats, donkeys, migrating birds, parakeets, whiptail lizards, and Aruban rattlesnakes. These wild species will excite kids to the maximum. 
  • Butterfly farm: This vibrant tourist destination in Oranjestad is home to hundreds of unique butterflies from all over the world, including longwings and monarch butterflies from the Caribbean and blue morphos from South America.
  • Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations: Visit the cactus clumps, boulders, and hiking routes of this rocky terrain in eastern Aruba.
  • Pedernales Wreck: The SS Pedernales was a lake tanker that was torpedoed and lost during World War II while sailing to an Aruba refinery. About 25 feet below sea level, the ship’s center is still underwater off the coast of Palm Beach. The Pedernales is an excellent place to “get your feet wet” in the sport, although experienced divers may be reluctant to visit this shallow wreck site.


Puerto Limon

Puerto Limon
Feel The Magic Of Nature

The nicest place to visit in the Limon Province of Costa Rica is Puerto Limon, home to some of the province’s most incredible beaches and beautiful national parks. Tortuguero National Park and Cahuita National Park are two well-known national parks worth seeing here and are renowned for their stunning architecture. The sundowner experiences are Limon’s main draw. Its diverse atmosphere hosts some of the wildest parties and parades.


Attractions in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
  • Cahuita National Park: This park in Cahuita town offers some of Costa Rica’s greatest animal viewing opportunities. Discover snakes, many rare birds, and monkeys in the trees.
  • Veragua Rainforest: It is one of the greatest sites to watch sloths, frogs, butterflies, and monkeys. It is approximately an hour’s drive west of Limón.
  • Tortuguero Canals: These canals are referred to as the Amazon of Costa Rica. Both the fauna and the scenery are abundant here. 
  • Zipline: Take a zipline and canopy tour if you want to get a closer look at the rainforest that encircles the Tortuguero Canal.
  • Playa Bonita Beach: This beach is situated in a small inlet on the northern edge of the Limón area and offers excellent opportunities for surfing, lounging, and sand play.
  • Snorkeling: Puerto Limón, Cahuita, Playa Bonita, and Playa Cieneguita all provide fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. These places offer stunning views of coral reefs, excellent fish, and other animals. You could even see turtles passing by while swimming!

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Perfect View

Tunisia is a romantic location with relaxing beaches where the sun shines brightly. Unmissable and beautiful, the enormous desert of this holiday destination is a must-see. You may learn about the fascinating Tunisian past. The Tunisian cuisine of Brik, a deep-fried turnover filled with tuna and eggs, is the outstanding food you must have while you’re here. You can choose some souvenirs to bring back home from the shops you’ll find in the street’s mystery. At this time of year, the weather of Tunisia is warm and pleasant. Explore everything about this location in this blog.


Attractions in Tunisia, North Africa
  • El Djem: The main tourist attraction in Tunisia is the remarkably well-preserved Roman amphitheater known as El Djem. The arena’s underground passageways and uppermost seating arenas are still accessible precisely as they were for the gladiators and the audiences.
  • Djerba beach: This pristine beach, bordered by date palms, is a tranquil getaway even in these months. Houmt Souk is an island village where this beach is situated. 
  • Sidi Bou: This town is perched on a cliff and is incredibly attractive. Spend a leisurely day taking in the relaxed environment and perhaps indulging in a little retail therapy at one of the several local artisan and crafts stands.
  • Grand Erg Oriental Desert: The constantly moving desert sands have produced these poetically lovely dunes, which are bizarre and stunning scenes of enormous waves. Dune buggies and camel excursions are available here.
  • Kairouan: The ancient town of Kairouan has a charming, lost-in-time feeling that is a definite highlight of a stay here. It has winding, maze-like streets dotted with dilapidated, colorful buildings.



Rainbow in Dukhan
The Rainbow Adds Up The Beauty

This city in Qatar is worth every cent because it is home to incredible historical monuments, world-class wonders, azure beaches, and so much more. When oil was first discovered in the area, Dukhan was established, and its goals remained the same. For those who want to experience the Middle East’s absolute calm, its man-made wonders serve as a sanctuary. This city boasts of its exquisite vacation experience, everything from trekking to water activities to historical museums and forts.


Attractions in Dukhan, Qatar


  • Dukhan Beach: Snorkeling at the beach is a great way to explore the underwater reef. Activities like beach football, volleyball, or kitesurfing may add adventure to your holiday. The nipa huts and cottages built around the beach area offer the ideal setting for a day of relaxation.
  • Zekreet Fort and Beach: Experience the grandiose 18th-century beauty of Qatari architecture at Zekreet Fort. Observe the sedimentary rocks that border the Zekreet coastline and the mushroom-shaped limestone formations. Witness exotic wildlife such as oryx and migrating birds and try kitesurfing for the best experience at the beach. 
  • Al Shahniya Racetrack: To experience Qatar’s traditional culture, witness HH Emir’s camel race at the Al-Shahniya festival conducted every year on this race track. This festival included around 6000 camels from Qatar and other nations the previous year. It’s a rare opportunity to witness some of the world’s most expensive and well-kept camels when visiting this racetrack. 
  • East-West/West-East by Richard Sierra: It is currently recognized as a prominent landmark in Qatar. Between the gypsum cliffs of the Brouq Nature Reserve stands the four steel sculptures constructed by the architect Richard Sierra. Depending on the weather, the four pillars’ hues can range from gray to orange to brown to dark amber.
  • Film City: Often referred to as Ghost town, the film city was built in Qatar, especially for filmmaking, and is now a popular tourist site. Strange rocks, turquoise gulfs, derelict mansions with balconies, terraces, and tombs, and an entire city with streets, palm trees, and more may all be seen while taking a tour of this site. 

Aren’t these places the most exciting destinations to visit? So don’t hold out. Plan a trip to one of these locations in September. Rehlat can assist you in all the hotel bookings, flight bookings, and offering a customized package. If you want to escape the routine, go to these exotic cities on the list above!



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