Escape The Ordinary: 10 Best Places To Visit In August

What are the places to visit in August?

While one part of the earth experiences dark gloomy skies, other parts of the earth experiences clear blue sunny skies. Major beautiful destinations around the globe have summers in August. So it’s not unusual to be in a touristy mood during this time of the year. Why not discover a patchwork of distinctive neighborhoods and vibrant metropolises that are rich in cultural delights and offer the best for tourists? Let us help you choose from the list of 10 best cities to visit in August. 

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Antalya is famously known as ‘Turkish resort city’ with beaches bordered by sizable hotels and an Old Harbor packed with yachts. It serves as an entrance to the Turquoise Coast, a section of Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast noted for its azure waters. Throughout the month, the temperature varies between 27 and 33 °C.

The Turkish resort city
A city with perfect mix of beaches and Turkish culture
Things to do in Antalya, Turkey
  • Pamukkale Thermal Baths

Travel from Antalya to Hierapolis and the Pamukkale “Cotton Palace” for lunch and a dip in the healing thermal waters of Queen Cleopatra.  

  • Ride in a Cable Car

Take a cable car trip to experience stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Düden and Karpuz Kaldran waterfalls, and Antalya City. Go swimming in these waterfalls for an adrenaline rush. 

  • River Rafting & Quad Safari 

The Koprulu Canyon National Park offers exhilarating jeep tours through the park as well as daring rafting excursions. 

  • Guided Paragliding Excursion 

View amazing locations like Alanya Castle and Cleopatra’s Beach from the air with an expert guiding you at all times.  

  • Gloria Aspendos Arena’s Anatolia Fire Dance Show 

At the Aspendos Arena, witness the iconic Fire of Anatolia dance extravaganza and be amazed as 120 dancers showcase Turkish culture via their folk dances. 

  • Kemer snorkeling and beach cruise 

Experience the ruins of the ancient settlement of Phaselis by boarding the cruise. Stop at stunning bays for swimming and snorkeling breaks. On board, savor a fantastic BBQ lunch. 

  • Karaalioglu Park 

Discover the urban green area while seated on a magnificent balcony that overlooks the sea and the remains of a Roman stone tower. 

  • Trip to the Yivliminare Mosque 

Visit the six-domed mosque with the 129-foot-tall, 13th-century minaret tower to experience Turkish culture at a glance.

San Francisco 

The hub of fun and excitement is here. You can thoroughly enjoy this place because there are so many sights and attractions. Indeed, one of the best places to visit in August. From one of the best modern wonders of the world – The Golden Gate Bridge to the menacing allure of Alcatraz Island to the enormous redwood trees at Muir Woods to the quaint Sausalito town, this city is a sight that won’t leave your mind once you’ve seen it. Average temperature in August is 21 °C. 

Image of Golden Gate Bridge
This view is golden
Things to do in San Francisco, United States 
  • Cruise on Golden Gate Bay 

Sail across the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, past the infamous Alcatraz Island, and along San Francisco’s stunning coastline in the cruise. 

  • Muir Woods Memorial 

Visit the Muir Woods Monument, where eons-old forests of enormous redwoods tower guard over Redwood Creek. 

  • Sausalito Village

Visit a charming Mediterranean-style village with tiny shops, art galleries, and waterfront eateries. 

  • Alcatraz Island

Hop onto a round-trip boat excursion that will take you to Alcatraz Island. Learn about the background and mysteries of one of San Francisco’s most iconic structures residing on this island.

  • California Academy of Sciences 

Visit the only aquarium-planetarium-rainforest-museum in the entire world, where you may see African penguins, travel through space, explore a coral reef, and much more. 

  • Pier 39 

Come for the unmatched vistas of San Francisco Bay and stay back for the mesmerizing views of renowned sea lions. 


The contemporary, international, and glamorous capital of Lebanon is Beirut. It offers visitors with a long history that is represented in its people, food, religion, and architecture. Since Beirut is located on the Mediterranean coast, both citizens and visitors enjoy the city’s many stunning beaches. Average temperature recorded in the month of  August is 23 °C. 

Image of Beirut tourist spots
Beirut is a city to be loved!
Things to do in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Beach Party at Pierre and Friends 

One of Beirut’s private beaches, Pierre and Friends, features some of the best DJ spinning fantastic tunes. 

  • Beirut National Museum 

More than 100,000 ancient objects and artifacts that were discovered in Lebanon are housed at this historic museum in Beirut. 

  • Pigeon Rocks in Raouche

The Pigeon Rocks, which are located in the sea’s lap, are a sight to behold from the shore as well as for visiting the quaint, upscale cafés on the shore. 

  • Explore Beit Ed-Dine Palace’s Historic Beauty

This is one of the oldest historic palaces with beautiful interiors where an antiquarian museum is also housed. It hosts a fabulous music festival for tourists every year.

  • Tour of Jeita Grotto 

Visit Jeita Grotto destination just outside of Beirut through a cable car journey. After exploring a cave on foot, take a quick train ride to another cave that can be explored by a boat ride. 

  • Day Trip to Baalbek 

Discover old caves at the Chateau Ksara, explore the remnants of Roman temples in Baalbek, and have a classic Lebanese brunch.


Amsterdam has traditionally been a traveler’s dream destination because of its stunning natural surroundings and active cultural environment. It is a city for all seasons and climatic conditions. It is renowned for its top-notch artwork, wide canal crisscross, and cheerful cyclists. Average temperature in August is 21 °C, which is why it is one of the best places to visit in August.

August is the best time to visit Amsterdam
AMS = Absolutely Magical Streets
Things to do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canal Visit in an Open Boat

On a completely electric open boat, take a trip over Amsterdam’s renowned canals and in the city’s most stunning waterside monuments. 

  • Rijks Museum 

Explore this museum to see more than 400 works of art by notable artists, lovely dollhouses, and an abundance of silverware. 

  • Giethoorn 

From Amsterdam, take a boat to Giethoorn. Drive past the restored farmhouses that make up “Dutch Venice,” admire the town’s lovely waterways, and pass by its charming wooden bridges. 

  • Royal Zoo of ARTIS

You may view the park’s century-old trees, the planetarium, the butterfly pavilion, and the botanical garden at this zoo. 

  • Wax Museum of Madame Tussauds 

Here you can find wax figurines of your favorite celebrities. 

  • Bike Tour

A small-group guided bike tour around Amsterdam’s streets will give you a taste of Dutch culture while highlighting the city’s rich history.


Edinburgh is a fantastic place to visit and is home to the biggest cultural festival. Local extinct volcano named ‘Arthur’s Seat’ continues to draw a sizable number of tourists every year. The best part of this city is that you can ascend to the highest point and take in the magnificent city skyline with a fairly short hike. Average temperature in August is 31 °C. 

Top pick for August travel
Daydreaming in Edinburgh
Things to do in Edinburgh, the UK  
  • Edinburgh Vaults Ghost Tour 

Join a fascinating ghost tour that takes you to the Edinburgh Vaults below the ground in Edinburgh’s Old Town. 

  • Visit to Edinburgh Castle 

Learn about the castle’s fascinating 3,000-year history and the important influence it has had on Scotland. 

  • Walking Tour in Harry Potter’s Castle 

Discover the city where J.K. Rowling found inspiration for Hogwarts, her well-known characters, and the location where she wrote the books by taking a walk tour of the artificial Hogwarts castle. 

  • “Firth of Forth” Sightseeing Cruise of the Three Bridges 

The Forth Bridge, Inchcolm Island, and a medieval monastery are all visible during the 90-minute sightseeing tour, which also offers views of the “three bridges.” 

  • Zoo in Edinburg 

Explore the nocturnal world with your family while enjoying music, face painting, outdoor activities, and more.


Everyone should travel to the Austrian capital at least once in their lifetime. August is a great time to visit Vienna, although tourists are welcome all year round. Vienna’s highlights include flamboyant avenues and regal buildings. UNESCO has designated its palaces as world historic monuments. Average temperature in August is 27 °C. 

August vacation suggestion
When will you realize Vienna is waiting for you?
Things to do in Vienna, Austria 
  • Skywalk Lift at Alpine Peaks and Hallstatt 

View stunning alpine scenery, mountain peaks, lakes, tiny towns, and the vibrant Hallstatt over the town from the amazing Skywalk. 

  • Mozart Concert at the Musikverein’s Golden Hall 

Watch the Vienna Mozart Orchestra perform in period attire in one of Vienna’s greatest music halls.

  • Tour of the Belvedere Schlossgarten 

On a guided tour, go through the Belvedere palaces’ baroque garden to immerse yourself in the natural beauty around and understand the rich cultural history residing in the palace. 

  • Chocolate Tastings and a Chocolatier Workshop 

Visit Vienna’s top chocolate museum and shop. Discover the finest ways to enjoy chocolate while sampling delectable desserts. 

  • The Lipizzans’ Performance at the Spanish Riding School 

Be astounded by the performance of the renowned Lipizzaner in the magnificent setting of the Winter Riding School. 

  • Giant Ferris Wheel Ride 

Ride on the famously recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site – Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna to experience the city’s extraordinary views. 

  • Dinner Cruise with Three Courses 

On the ship that passes through the lit Vienna region, take pleasure in a romantic three-course dine.


A volcanic island in the Cyclades, Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea. It’s no secret that the stunning island of Santorini is a favorite location for a honeymoon due to its romantic appeal and tranquil surroundings. One of the best places to visit in August, note it down! The average temperature in August is 26.6 °C.

Best time to visit - August
So blue-tiful!
Things to do in Santorini, Greece
  • ATV ride 

ATV would increase your ecstasy because it is a cheap and accessible method of transportation and can take you places that a local bus cannot. 

  • Cliff Jumping at Amoudi Bay

Your vacation on the island with the crystal blue waters will be enhanced by this one-of-a-kind experience from the hidden rocks here. 

  • Hike the Active Volcano Nea Kameni

This journey allows you to view things that you may have previously only seen in movies, starting from the old harbor to the island of Nea Kameni and then hiking up to the active craters. 

  • Escape to Red Beach

One of Santorini’s most scenic beaches, Red Beach is located close to Akrotiri and has pebbly sand and steep red slopes. 

  • Greek-style partying at Enigma 

Greek-style dancing, amazing music are available at Enigma, the best and oldest club in Santorini.


Fiji is recognized as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World.”. So a must is to visit Suva, the administrative and commercial hub of Fiji island. On a guided tour, visit noteworthy sites, explore Suva’s lively municipal market, and select a lunch restaurant from a range serving Chinese, Indian, seafood, and local fare. Best time to visit Fiji islands is from August to October when the sun is soaring high up. Average temperature in August is 26.6 °C. 

One of the best places to visit
Ocean breeze & palm trees
Things to do in Suva, Fiji 
  • Scuba diving

The islands here allow freediving and scuba diving with certification in the clear water to witness unique aquatic animals and encounter sharks. 

  • Visit to the Colo-I-Suva Nature Reserve 

Explore the island’s stunning waterfalls and its flora and fauna by venturing into the reserve’s jungle. 

  • Dive in the Waterfalls of Waisila 

Follow a nature trail while taking a dip in one of the natural bathing pools in this 15-meter water body. 

  • Explore Thurston Botanical Gardens 

Learn about the beauty of these gardens, which are home to a wide variety of palms, gingers, water lilies, and other native plants. Among the best places to visit in August, this spot will top the list.

  • Fiji Museum 

In this museum, you can see antique ceramics from the cannibal era, double-hulled canoes, and the remains of Reverend Thomas Baker’s footwear. 

  • Zipline and Cave Tour in Nadi 

Get an adrenaline rush as you speed over 16 enormous zip lines over a distance of 5 km high above the canyon that also leads to the largest limestone cave in Fiji. 

  • Cloud 9 Floating Restaurant

While lying in the stunningly blue seas of the adjacent Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, have some delicious food and listen to DJs. 

Bora Bora 

Bora Bora is referred to as the playground for the rich and famous. White sand beaches, lush vegetation, rising volcanic peaks, and water sports through the coral reefs are all features of this island. Everything a couple might want from their ideal honeymoon may be found there, including its upscale mini yet chic beaches. One of the best places to visit in August indeed. It is the greatest month to visit for a summery experience with warm breezes and water adventures. The temperature fluctuates between 25 and 30 °C throughout the year. 

Best place to visit in August
Never be bored in Bora Bora
Things to do in Bora Bora, France
  • Hike to Mt. Otemanu 

It is one of the two dormant volcanoes in the island’s center. You can trek to the summit, take a helicopter tour, or go on a boat to see the beautiful volcano and its surroundings. 

  • Scuba diving off Matira Beach 

This island’s attractiveness is enhanced by the lengths of white sand, scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities, and the crystal clear water. 

  • Tour of the TV tower 

Go for a walking trail to the TV tower for a glimpse of the lovely lagoon and the southern end of the island. 

  • Tours of Shark and Stingray Feedings

The rarest aquatic animals live on this island and come to the shore to be fed by tourists. 

  • Boat Tours

On ferries, speedboats, sailboats, glass-bottom boats, and kayaks, enjoy a boating spectacle. 

  • Windsurfing 

This island’s clear, clean beaches are the nicest and safest for trying out wind surfing activities.


Muscat, Oman’s capital and largest city, is renowned for both its illustrious natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. This city offers some of the most artistic scenery in the area because of dramatic canyons, beautiful forts, mysterious valleys, Muscat Harbor (world’s largest natural harbor), and gorgeous sand beaches. One of the best places to visit in August as the average temperature will also be around 32 °C.

A must visit in August
Sights that are unparalleled
Things to do in Muscat, Oman
  • Shopping in the Muttrah Souk 

It is a bustling market where you can find authentic regional food, jewelry, and traditional Omani handicrafts. 

  • Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos 

It is the third-largest mosque in the world, and the prayer hall is decorated with crystal chandeliers and one of the biggest hand-woven Persian carpets in existence. 

  • Trip to the Marine Sciences and Fisheries Center and Omani Aquarium 

To learn about the marine biodiversity of this area, it is the ideal spot to visit with family and children. 

  • One-day visit to Wabi Shab and Bimah Sinkhole 

Visit the greatest white sand beach in Oman at Wabi Shab and the partially salty Bimah Sinkhole. Gorge on the authentic Omani food served in restaurants there. 

  • Tour for Snorkeling and Dolphin Spotting 

Here’s a chance to go dolphin spotting and go snorkeling with turtles and other marine creatures. 

  • Camel Ride on the Sand Dunes of Wahiba 

Jump in a 4WD, try dune bushing, and gorge on a great traditional meal in your journey.


Summers are fun, but you can make it exciting and thrilling by going to places that are unexplored. We have consolidated a great list for you to cherry-pick from affordable to luxurious places to visit in August. North, South, East, and West, we have covered all. Every single place on the list is distinctive in its own right and will excite you to bits. Discover the cities on the above list with Rehlat if you wish to escape the ordinary! Discover the cities on the above list if you wish to escape the ordinary!

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