Cable Cars Changed the Path of This Colombian City

The City of Eternal Spring


Time magazine had named Medellin, “The Most Dangerous City in the World” some 20 years ago. But now the story has taken a turn. Medellin, the Colombian city, today is one of the safest cities in the world. With high tech urban development projects, opening Colombia’s first metro system and cable cars to serve the neighborhoods, Medellin is becoming one of the “IT” cities in the world, with tourists pouring in and expats settling and retiring here. Urban Land Institute has hailed the city as the most innovative city in the world too.

Cable cars which were brought to serve the locals staying in mountainous region have become a tourist attraction now. Besides the cable cars, there are so many things to do and experience in this city famed by Narcos, the Netflix series.

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Top 10 Things to do in Medellin, Colombia

Go hiking at Parque Arvi

Parque Arvi

It’s a large nature reserve and the perfect escape from the city crowd. There are hiking trails and also guided tours. Take your pick and spend some time in nature’s lap here.

Parque Arvi is open from 9am-6pm, Tuesday to Sunday. It also opens on holiday Mondays.

Walking tour of Medellin

Absolutely free, these tour would take you through Medellín’s story and streets. If you wish to see the real Medellin, then join the tours which run in the morning and the afternoon.

Walking tour of Medellin

Note: Tip the local guide who conducts the tour as a gesture.

Tour times: Twice Daily Mon-Fri, once on Saturday and no tours on Sunday.

Meeting point: Morning Tours start from El Poblado Station & Afternoon tours start from Alpujarra station.

Enjoy Nightlife in Parque Lleras

Enjoy Nightlife in Parque Lleras

Clubs and restaurants in this area stay open all night with music concerts and jams being conducted for the crowd.

Note: Wear comfortable shoes because dance is sure going to be on cards.

Sample local delicacy bandeja paisa

bandeja paisa

Not official but this is the national dish of Colombia. This heavy meal was meant for labourers who needed enough energy to get through the day. Rice, plantain, corn cakes, minced meat, avocado, chorizo, black sausage, and a fried egg on top make bandeja paisa a must try.

Note: Try at one of the street food joint to get the real authentic flavours.

Take a salsa class

Salsa Class

When in Medellin join a salsa training class. Not only you would learn some world class salsa moves but also would make some local friends.

Visit the Castle Museum

Medellin Castle

French castle in the heart of a bustling Latin American city – yes Medellin has history to tell and keep you entertained. The trees and the Gothic iron gates at Museo El Castillo would make you feel like a princess.

Watch a soccer (football) match

Soccer Match

Locals love soccer and you would get a match being played in every corner of the city. The local stadium have soccer matches in the evening and on weekends. Attend one and soak in all the fun and excitement around.

Trip to Guatape


Just 2 hours away from Medellin, Guatapé is a real must visit. The pretty colored houses in the natural setting are a show stealer.

Learn Spanish

Spanish Classes

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Do you know 17% of the world population speak Spanish? You can learn the language from locals or if you want to do it professionally there are quick learning courses available in Medellin.

Ride the metro cable

Cable Cars Medellin

Don’t leave Medellin without doing this. These innovative cable car are actually public transport system but they became a popular tourist attraction by themselves. With Instagram influencing travel inspirations, photos from the cable cars that shows the colorful Medellin city are sure to make you Insta famous.




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