Become an Instagram Star With Selfies at These Istanbul Attractions

There is always a feeling of awe when you visit Istanbul, the Turkish metropolis that straddles the Bosphorus Strait dividing Europe and Asia. Istanbul is unequivocally the right choice for you to choose. Boasting layers of history and harmonious mix of East and West, Istanbul is a vibrant Euro-Asian metropolitan city. With the blend of city contrasts, striking sunsets, and perfect Bosporus views, Istanbul assures you to become Insta-famous instantly. All you need to do is save these spots for your Istanbul itinerary, book your flight and reserve your hotel stay and learn the nuances of clicking the perfect Instagram photos.

Sultan Ahmed’s Mosque or The Blue Mosque

The massive Blue Mosque is the most impressive attraction of Istanbul. The grandeur of the interior is lavish with bluish tiles; hence the name. Much of its details are handmade from stained glass windows to calligraphy details, Blue Mosque is worth to visit.

Admission: Free


Get the perfect Instagram-shot here: Make sure to reach the mosque as early as possible to get crowd-free pictures. The surrounding gardens are perfect for amazing Instagram photos.

Hagia Sophia Museum

The colorful harmonious merge of mosaics, calligraphy, gold elements, and marbles of its interiors is the special asset of the Hagia Sophia Museum. Hagia Sophia treasures the most amazing details and reminds the knotty past. With its dome, lustration urns, gallery, marble door, the Lodge of Empress, Hagia Sophia is an outstanding attraction to explore.

Admission: 30.00 Turkish Lira

Hagia Sophia

Get the perfect Instagram-shot here: The mezzanine near the second floor offers a new dimension of the museum with fewer people.

Dolmabahçe Palace

A short drive away from Hagia Sophia, Dolmabache Palace is a gorgeous and glamorous palace when we look from both outside and inside.  Plan your visit during the early hours of opening to spend about 4 hours without rushing through. The 4.5-tonne chandelier in the ceremonial hall is one intriguing fact that everyone must make a visit to Dolmabache Palace. This lavish and intriguing palace can be seen over the Bosphorus.

Dolmabahe Palace

Admission: 40.00 Turkish Lira

Get the perfect Instagram-shot here: The charming white gates facing the water is the best guaranteed place for your Instagram photo.

Galata Tower

The 14th century Galata Tower is the perfect place to enjoy striking views of Istanbul skyline. You can spot and take pictures of bridges, mosques, the Golden Horn, palaces from the tower. Wide and zoom lenses are recommended for fantastic clicks from up there.

Galata Towers

Admission: 18.50 Turkish Lira

Get the perfect Instagram-shot here: The possibilities of getting perfect photos here are endless. Take a click of the illuminated tower from the nearby streets during night with a contrast of dark blue sky.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is another attraction that will astonish with its grandeur architecture. The palace is so large that will take at least 4 hours to explore. The Topkapi Palace Harem is most stunning place in the entire palace.  Every intricate detail and fantastic color contrasts will just blow everyone’s mind.

Admission: 30.00 Turkish Lira

Get the perfect Instagram-shot here: The Topkapi Palace Harem is a photo worthy place for your best Instagram photos.

Grand Bazaar

Bustling, noisy, and exotic souvenirs-filled Grand Bazaar is an iconic place for shopping therapy as well for vivid and colorful Insta-clicks. Be busy in exploring dozens of covered streets while clicking lovely storefronts.

Grand Bazar

Admission: Free

Get the perfect Instagram-shot here: Use your imagination or shoe your photography skills at the beautiful storefronts for the quality eye-catchy photos.


The Istanbul Bosphorus is a marvelous place where East meets West (Europe and Asia) – connecting people, culture and nature. Take stunning photos of boats cruising, seagulls catching fishes, people rushing to the ferries, etc.


Get the perfect Instagram-shot here: You can click as many as Instagrammable spots along Bosphorus like Karaköy, Dolmabahçe Palace, Beşiktaş Pier, etc. It’s a place where all your senses brighten up. Istanbul boasts of a number of hotels offering picture perfect views of the Bosphorus as well as great Turkish hospitality.

Three Simple Tips to Click Beautiful Instagram Snaps

The golden hour (Sunset/Sunrise) is the best time – The timeslot just before the sunrise and sunset is the best time to click awesome pictures with the different contrasts of sky and sun.

Color plays a role – With modern establishments and old architecture, Istanbul offers many opportunities for enthusiastic Instagram shots.  Choose your choice from people, buildings, streets, day-to-day moments, etc. which makes an interesting Instagram photo. Just walking down on the streets of the city is also one of the best places to click.

Angle of images – Your picture will be more effective with no crowds. Also click pics from angles instead of straight.

                            When are you feeding your Instagram with Istanbul trip memories?

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