Top 5 Popular Beaches of Asia that are Perfect Holiday Escape

Do you know what “BEACH” spells out to? It’s “Best Escape Anyone Can Have”. So true! Beaches are what dreams are made of – sun, sand, and the sky. As the tides touch your feet and disappear, so does your worries.

If beaches are your calling, then Asia is the place to be. Right from the tundra and taiga of the South-East to the golden beaches in the far North, embracing wilderness and cities, the world’s largest continent Asia has endless delights to discover.

Top Beaches of Asia that will enchant you for sure:

Railay Beach, Thailand

 Railay Beach, Thailand

The intense and arresting sapphire hues will soothe your eyes and render you stationary for a few moments, and you’ll be in awe of the exceptional & phenomenal view. Embark on an action-packed adventure of rock climbing, kayaking, and diving, amongst other activities, while basking in the astounding beauty of Railay Beach.

Destination: Thailand

Best for: Sunbathing and swimming, and rock-climbing

Don’t miss:

  • Ao Nang Beach
  • West Railay Beach
  • Nopparat Thara Beach
  • Phra Nang Beach
  • Walking Street
  • Krabi Pier

Juara Beach, Malaysia

Juara Beach

A paradise of mesmerizing sea and inviting sand, Juara Beach is an ideal place to go for a relaxing vacation. Get lost in the thriving jungle while seeking companionship in the plethora of intriguing wildlife. Immerse yourself in the astounding world of turtles at the Juara Turtle Project or go on a climbing expedition at the legendary Gunuk Nenek Semukut.

Destination: Malaysia

Best for:  Relaxing spas

Don’t miss:

  • Tioman Marine
  • ParkTioman Dive Centre
  • B&J Diving Centre
  • Asah Waterfal
  • Juara Turtle Project

Tanjung Aan Beach, Indonesia

Tanjung Aan Beach

With fine sand and crystal clear water, Tanjung Aan Beach proves to be one of the most stunning beaches in Lombok, Bali. With several hills wreathing the beach, you can easily get a bird’s eye view of the landscape by standing at any one of their summits. If you’re on the hunt for an idyllic quiet getaway, you’re in for an absolute treat as this beach is barely swamped by visitors.

Destination: Indonesia

Best for: swimming, surfing, and snorkeling

Don’t miss:

  • What’s up Surf Shop
  • Selong Belanak Beach
  • Mawun Beach
  • Monkey Surf Shop & School, Kuta Lombok

Cua Dai Beach, Vietnam

Cua Dai Beach

With a breathtaking landscape of pale creamy sand lined with dense jungles, Dai Beach is absolutely one of the most gorgeous beaches in Vietnam. The view will bewitch you in such a way that you will even forget to click a picture. Plus, it’s not like a sheer picture could ever do this brilliant place justice.

Destination: Vietnam

Best for: Seafood and swimming

Don’t miss:

  • Hoi An Ancient Town
  • Assembly Hall of the Hainan Chinese Congregation
  • Hoi An Historic Museum
  • Chua Cau
  • Central Market
  • Hoi An Museum
  • Hoi An Cloth Market
  • Museum of History and Culture

Lambug Beach, Philippines

Lambug Beach


We wanted to keep this little haven a secret but we just couldn’t resist letting you in on it.  White and buttery sand against a backdrop of dense greenery awaits you at Lambug Beach making it every diver’s paradise. Don’t miss out on the enchanting sunset view which will remain etched in your mind forever.

Destination: Philippines

Best for:  Swimming and snorkeling

Don’t Miss:

  • Lambug Beach
  • Kawasan Canyoneering
  • Highland Adventures
  • Kawasan Falls

                           Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand be your seat for your next holiday.

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