Pakistan: The Land Where Wonders of Nature Abound

Heart lake, green valleys, & so much more

Pakistan is a country with abundant natural beauty and tourist attractions. This land less explored by the tourists has enough natural bounty to make you fall for it. This country of beautiful mountains, spectacular valleys, picturesque villages and so on is a must visit for people who want to spend some days in the lap of unspoiled nature.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Pakistan

Neelum Valley

Around half an hour drive from the city of Muzaffarabad lies the spectacular Neelam Valley. Neelam translates to the Blue Gem. True to its name, this valley is as stunning and as impressive that its beauty will forever be imprinted in your mind once you’ve seen it. The valley stretches for about 240 kms and is home to many brooks, freshwater streams, forests, mountains, and a river.

neelumA land where waterfalls slide down the mountains

Like a bride in white veil descending the stairs in a hurry;

A land of nature’s cornucopia

Where waters splatter against the rocks,

As if announcing their presence to the mountains;

A land where milky-white water flows

Wherever it finds a place to slip away,

Only to become one with River Neelum;

A land of incomparable beauty

Because no beauty is comparable to the other.

What you must remember?

If you are not a Pakistani citizen, you need to get a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs in Islamabad. It might take around a week to get the certificate so plan your visit accordingly.

How to reach?

Take a flight to Islamabad International Airport and from there you can go by road to Muzzaffarabad.

Shangrila Resort

Lower Kachura Lake or Shangri La is a famous tourist spot near Skardu in Baltistan region of Pakistan. The lake was built in 1983 when the first resort in Skardu was opened. Shangrila Resort is the most popular resort of this region owing its popularity to its unique architecture. It’s constructed on the fuselage of an airplane that once crashed in the vicinity.

shangrilaSomething to peak your interest:

The resort’s name has an interesting history. James Hilton, in his novel “Lost Horizon” mentions a place called Shangrila. Shangrila is a Tibetan word that means “Heaven on Earth”. The resort was named after the place mentioned in Hilton’s book. A picture of the resort was the winner of the Wiki Loves Earth contest in 2015.

Deosai Plains

At more than 4,000m above the sea level nestled between the boundaries of Karakoram and the western Himalayas is Deosai. It’s a treat to the eyes no matter when you go. Deosai is draped in dazzling snow for eight months. Flowers of various types and colours bloom here during the rest of the four months.

deosaiSomething to tempt you into visiting this place:

  • Deosai covers an area of more than 3000 square km BUT (when you read further you’ll know why I have chosen to write “BUT” and not “but”) not even one tree can be seen in this plateau. Can you believe it? (I’m sure you’ll agree with my choice of “BUT” because this fact does deserve a dramatic written expression.)
  • Sheosar lake, one of the highest lakes of the world is also situated in Deosai plains. Imagine sitting by a lake reflecting azure colour of the sky with snow laden mountains standing in the background and wild flowers adorning the lush green landscape during summers. I bet you already want to book your tickets to Pakistan.

Naltar Valley

Around 2.5 hours drive from Gilgil lies the valley of Naltar. Several colourful lakes complement the already fantasizing landscape of the valley. Pine trees cover the Naltar valley in such a way the person who sees this view cannot help but be spellbound by its beauty.

naltarTasty bite of information:

If you’re someone who loves potatoes, Naltar Valley is your dreamland. It is home to world’s yummiest potatoes.

Mubarak Village Karachi

Located on the borders of Gadani (Balochistan) is the second largest fishermen village of Karachi, Mubarak. It’s a picturesque village whose landscape is encircled by golden hills and clear blue waters.

Mubarak VillageIf you would like to get away from the crowded, busy and noisy urban landscape, Mubarak village is the perfect getaway. Imagine a landscape where some boats are anchored on the shore while some float freely on translucent waters under the azure sky. Yup, that’s what Mubarak village looks like.

So pack your bags and get ready to experience Pakistan at its best.


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