Maldives: The Turquoise Heaven

The Maldives, which consists of 26 ring-shaped islets that are composed of over 1,00 coral islands, is a popular holiday destination among tourists across the globe. This South Asian country is known for its tropical weather, beaches, coral reefs, and lagoons. It attracts people who are looking for a beach vacation and some fun and adventurous water activities.


10 Things to Do in the Maldives

Anyone up for scuba diving and snorkeling?

scuba diving

Naifaru Island in the Maldives is situated 142 km north of Malé, the capital city of this beautiful country. If you are into snorkeling and scuba diving, then this is just the place for you to spend your holidays.


The deep ocean awaits…


Explore the life underwater in a submarine. Try adventure sports, look at the multihued corals, various types of fish, and so on.


Who wants to dine underwater?

Ithaa underwater dining

Have you ever wanted to have dinner/lunch in an underwater restaurant? If yes, you just cannot miss the fine dining at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant located in Alif Dhaal Atoll at the Conrad Rangali Island. You can enjoy mouth-watering delicacies while being mesmerized by the underwater scenic beauty.


An artificial beach, anyone?

artificial beach

Swim in the only swimmable beach in the capital city of Maldives. The artificial beach in Malé attracts locals and visitors alike who come here for playing volleyball, relaxation, a leisurely walk, and swimming.


Sparkling water!

glowing beach

Can you see the stars in my eyes? No. Well, I think you’d rather see the stars on the beach. Visit the sparkling beach on Mudhdhoo Island to witness this amazing sight. It glows because of the bioluminescent plankton becoming visible in the warm coastal water at night.


Who doesn’t want a cruise holiday after all!

Dhoni Boat

Dhoni boat will take you on a week’s retreat to several Maldivian islands where you can enjoy many water activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling in the turquoise heaven.


Does your adventurous soul want to swim beside a shark?

indian ocean

For the adventurous travelers who love to feel the adrenalin rush, Manta Bay offers a unique activity where you can swim with the sea giants such as white sharks and other creatures.


Island Hopping

islands maldives

If you visited in the Maldives and you didn’t go island hopping, then my friend, you’ve missed out on a lot. There are so many islands in this coastal wonderland, welcoming you with coconut palm trees, glittering beaches, serene lagoons, cerulean waters, and hypnotizing natural beauty.


Paddle all the way

paddle boarding

Satiate your thirst for adventure with paddleboarding in the ocean. It’s a fun activity to make the most of your surroundings while having a good time.


How about a helicopter tour?


Get an aerial view of the spectacular islands that make up the Maldives with a helicopter ride for an unforgettable experience.


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