Craving Salmon? Visit an ATM!

What do you expect from an ATM? Accept cash card and password, continue to make some noises and finally dispense the much-needed cash. That is pretty much it, right? 

Well, what if we told you an ATM dispenses frozen Salmon, that too, from the famous Norwegian fjords? Is your mind boggled and mouth-watering at the same time? Then, read on to clear your mind and grab something to satisfy your craving, because this is only available in Singapore. For now. 

Salmon ATM – An ATM of your Dreams

Now when you visit Singapore, while you enjoy the famous attractions like Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion, Singapore Zoo, you will also be greeted with these ingenious ATM machines. The first Salmon ATM machine was installed in Westeria shopping mall in January 2019. Now, multiple ATMs are lined up across the island.

Salmon ATM
Salmon ATM. Source:

Quick History

Mr. Manish Kumar, CEO of Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd., and the creator of this ingenious ATM had this idea ingrained in his brain since 2009. Back then he was visiting India, where he became aware of the unavailability of good quality Salmon at affordable prices. So, when he went back to Norway he wanted to fill the gap between people and his beloved Salmon. However, he had to wait till 2015 for funding after which he got working quickly and launched the ATM in 2019. 

Salmon fillet
Salmon fillet


Why Singapore?

Singaporeans ought to thank their vending-machine culture. When you vend everything right from ice cream to luxury cars then Salmon also would be an easy fit. Mr. Kumar also weighed in their affection to Norwegian Salmon. Thus, Singapore was zeroed in for the first-ever Salmon ATM. Now, it is available at 61 convenient locations 24/7.


What next?

A lot of countries are surprisingly interesting in housing these ATMs. Countries like Thailand and even Sweden may soon get them. 

All we want to do right now is to keep our fingers crossed that this Norwegian Salmon ATM comes to our nearest mall soon. And meanwhile, plan on visiting Singapore soon!

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