Azerbaijan- A Land Where History Brushes Shoulder with Modernity Casually


Azerbaijan, the land of Fire is rich in history, culture, cuisine, architecture, and hospitality. Enjoying a geographical location in the middle of Turkey, Russia and Iran, it has a culture unlike anywhere else in the world. A culture that is as much a part of West as it is a part of East; and as modern as it is ancient. So enjoy this blend of polarity in a land that knows how to value its past in an era of selfie-sticks and DSLRs.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan

Extinguish your wanderlust flame in a FIRE-y land

fireAzer means fire. In old times, flames often burst out from mountains and seas due to subterranean gas. Natives started worshipping fire as the light of wisdom and constructed many temples. Eventually, one of the oldest religions of the world, Zoroastrianism was born.

There is a fire temple called Ateshgah in the suburbs of Baku which used to be a prominent site. Fire continues to be of crucial significance to the identity and culture of Azerbaijan. Flame Towers in Baku are a tribute to the legacy of fire in Azerbaijan.

Indulge in some lip-smacking food

foodThe local cuisine of Azerbaijan is to die for. Thanks to its location, the food here is a mixture of Turkish, Persian and Russian flavours.

Unique variety of food:

  • Freshly baked bread served with honey, cheese and a special cream. A special dipping is prepared by mixing the three ingredients.
  • Doyga is a recommended soup to try if you’re ever in Azerbaijan. It is prepared with yougurt, dill and coriander.
  • Piti- a lamb stew served with potatoes and chickpeas. You can enjoy it by pouring stew on brad pieces.
  • Dolma is another special dish. It is pulverized meat served with rice and herbs on cabbage or grape leaves.

When in Azerbaijan, do as Azerbaijanis do:

Don’t forget to enjoy tea just like the locals. Love for tea is deep rooted in natives. They like to enjoy tea with jam or sugar cubes.

It won’t burn your pocket

affordableYou can easily spend a day in Azerbaijan in under 30 KWD per day which will include your meals, accommodation, and entertainment. There are all sorts of accommodations in Azebaijan from luxurious to economical. As Azerbaijan is quite rich in oil and gas resources, the transportation cost is very low. Azerbaijan is a perfect travel destination for someone who would like to immerse in the history of this place and is looking for a place that is not crowded and commercialized for tourism.

Get lost in architectural wonders

architectureAzerbaijan is home to many architectural attractions. The architecture of this country soothes one’s eyes and soul with its magnificent historicity.

Places you must visit:

  • Khansari Palace is situated in the scenic town of Sheki. The beauty of this place lies in its walls fitted with vibrant glass in handcrafted wooden structures resembling geometric patterns.
  • Lahic is a stunningly beautiful town with cobblestone streets and stone houses. This place is known for its copper craftsmanship. (Travel Tip: if you’re here, don’t forget to buy some great souvenirs from small shops that sell incredible decorative items.)
  • Azerbaijan is considered to be the place where Noah’s ark landed. Owing to this legend, Nakhchiyan, or Noah’s town has numerous monuments dedicated to Noah including Noah’s tomb. This town is calm, peaceful and cut off from the country; making it a perfect place for a getaway.

Because the mountains are calling…

mountainsThe snow laden mountains in the northern region of Azerbaijan are a sight to behold.

Our top picks for you to make the most of your trip:

  • Do not miss a chance to go hiking in the Quba region. Villages in this region have their distinct culture and language being cut off from the rest of the country. Multi-day excursions to these villages are a walk through paradise.
  • The fabled village of Xinaliq is known for its stories of Ateshgah about fire that is constantly ablaze on the mountains. This fascinating and mysterious village is as charming to visit as the tales about it.
  • You can join the pilgrims on Mount Babadag, the sacred mountain and enjoy the chance to immerse in the local tradition.
  • If you are someone who loves to ski, the mountains of Azerbaijan offer an incredible escape for you. They are uncrowded and skiing here is way cheaper than anywhere else that you’ve been. Shahdag is the best place to ski.

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