A Different Take on Travel

Wanderer. Solo Traveller. Vagabond. The words that dominate the social media travel community. Posts that continually heighten your FOMO. And while you’re just casually scrolling down your news feed, without even realizing it, you begin to question your life choices. A feeling of being stuck and not being able to enjoy life like those people who are travelling the world hovers over your mind like cumulonimbus clouds ready to cause tornadoes anytime.

travel fantasy

The cloud causes heavy rains sometimes when you’re all by yourself in your room trying to make sense of why you’re doing what you’re doing. And travelling seems the only way out. But does this question bother you: Is this way out a way in to something you don’t want to sign up for? Is this way out merely running away from your current situations? Will travelling really solve your problems? No. Travelling won’t make you a better person, and it is not going to solve any of your issues precisely because you will come back to the same place you left. Travelling is neither a way out nor a way in. It’s just a way where you get to relax, introspect, and indulge in adventure activities.

travelTravel is just a pit-stop on your journey of life. You can halt on pit-stops as often as you want and as long as you like, but ultimately, you will have to pick up your baggage and get going toward your destination. This is something that many people forget when they see overly romanticized images of travel on their social media feed.


I’m well aware that this blog post is a little (maybe more) out of the line of the topics I usually write about. But it’s something that I strongly had the urge to put it out there seeing so many people including myself frequently suffering from “social media travel fever.” I hope the next time you come across such a post, you see “travel” not as some life-changing phenomenon but as an activity that you can indulge in to get a change of lifestyle for some time in a new place. Don’t forget that travel can be an integral part of life, not your whole life.


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