8 Things We Miss When We Leave Indonesia

People don’t just wander the places but they build relations with the places and the bond strengthens by every experience, activity, and encounter. Indonesia is one such country that embrace good relations. The island nation is a unique and welcoming country and makes impressions which last for lifetime. Being one of the most populous Muslim majority nations in the world, the country attracts Gulf nationals to explore its serene beauty. Here we’ve curated top reasons why people love Indonesia and what they miss most about this island nation.

An Idyllic Country with Amazing Landscapes

Indonesia landscapes

The landscapes of Indonesia is postcard picturesque as if the universe puts on an amazing show on every single day. The clear skies, wonderful backdrops, and no pollution make the country more glorious. Enjoy the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset from the mountains, islands, or from the pool of a luxurious resort. You wouldn’t get bored even if you watch the beautiful landscapes throughout the day. Ever explored a volcano? Enjoy watching the incredible views over the Mount Kelimutu.

The Fresh Produce


Fresh produce is one thing that people from overseas envy from Indonesians. Be it seafood, or vegetables or meat Indonesians gets fresh food. Eating the freshly picked vegetables or grilled seafood which caught on the same day is a great experience that is sure to be missed.

Just Halal


Travelers flock to Indonesia from all across the globe to relish its beaches, heritage sites, and wildlife. But many travel for religious reasons too. Being world’s largest Muslim country, Indonesia is also booming in halal tourism and ranked 4th in halal tourism. The Asian country is halal and family-friendly country that boasts of plenty of halal friendly destinations among which top suggestions include Aceh, West Sumatra, Jakarta, Lombok, and West Java.

The Wildlife


Indonesia is home to a wide range of wildlife where we encounter endemic birds, tigers, elephants, apes, and much more. Kalimantan is the best island to enjoy close encounters of wildlife. Gunung Palung National Park and Betung Kerihun National Park are just two of the plenty wildlife sanctuaries to watch the best wildlife. It’s hard to forget the country’s wild habitat after watching wildlife like orangutans, country’s famous komodo dragons, Kalimantan, Spectral tarsier, Northern Cassowary, etc.

The Traditions

Indonesia traditions

Indonesia is a complex mix of different cultures influenced by numerous religions.  The famous Balinese dance depicts the stories of different religions while Islamic culture is represented in the form of art and architecture. From traditional attire to special festivals of Indonesia would possibly offers festive vibes. Whichever region you explore in Indonesia, you’re bound to learn something special and new!

The Beaches


Indonesia is just like another planet with more than 17,000 islands. No matter, where you choose to stay, the chances of exploring its intriguing shores are more. The country has everything from smooth pristine to black volcanic shores, turquoise seas to vivid emerald water, calm tides to breaking waves, and they are all impossible to forget.

The Street Food

Street food

It’s hard to forget the food. No matter how many times you visit, you will always have a variety of special dishes to choose from.  Either it’s the satay or versatile Indonesian fried rice, everyone will fall in love with a number of dishes. You’ll never be hungry when you’re in Indonesia because of its street food. A number of traditional snacks, desserts, beverages sold on the streets of Indonesia at affordable prices which always keep your tummy in check.

The People

Indonesia people

Friendly and humble Indonesians with fascinating culture always extend their arms. No matter how far you are from your home country, the hospitality of the locals can make you feel at home. You’ll surely miss the Indonesians when you remember short conversations with the vendors and taking group pictures together with smiling locals.

Best Time to Visit Indonesia:

Being a tropical haven, the country embraces its warmth of the sun and fresh breeze. Its warm tropical temperatures welcome tourists throughout the year. The island nation’s peak tourism period is middle of the dry season and European summer. However, months from November to January are less peak season to explore the country. The main getaways to enter into Indonesia include Soekarno-Hatta (Jakarta), Ngurah Rai (Bali), Kuala Namu (Medan), Juanda (Surabaya), and Hang Nadim (Batam).


Visa to Indonesia

Indonesia is visa free for below countries.

  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Saudi Arabia

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