7 Cities that Pay You to Move In & Stay There


Yes, you heard it right, these cities pay you to move in. They offer you more than just a warm welcome. The government of these destinations actually pay people to move in there. Why they do that? This is done mostly under below circumstances:

  • Reverse the falling population trends
  • Fill empty homes and jobs
  • Boost the local economies

7 Cities that Pay You to Move In & Stay There

 Alaska, USA

Cold weather and empty lands all over excite you? Well, then plan on your move to white beauty Alaska!


The climate and remote location has made Alaska empty and so the Government is offering USD 2,000 for new citizens to move in. The incentive is applicable to each and every member of the family irrespective of gender and age.

Mountains, fishing, and summers that can average 18 degree Celsius – Alaska is calling if you like these.


Part of Kansas, USA

Kansas has been struggling with low population and the city is willing to pay you just to move in. With rural and city life setting both available – you are free to choose your stay. With a population of just 3,500, the Town of Lincoln in Kansas gives free land to build a home.


Then theirs Marquette too in Kansas which gives free land for home. The town has just a population over 600. The large plots of land with pretty sunset views would make you love this silent small town in the USA.

P.S: If you chose to live in one of the 77 Rural Opportunity Zones in Kansas, you get state income tax waivers for up to five years or student loan repayments of up to $15,000.

Candela, Italy

This tiny medieval town is surrounded by beautiful Puglia countryside. Today the town is fighting with decreasing population. Most of the population have moved in to cities leaving the town empty.


You can plan your retirement here as there are lots of empty homes that are for sale and the local government is offering financial incentives to attract new residents too.

Saskatchewan, Canada

This Western Canada province is a paradise for people who love outdoor activities. Summers are beautiful as you get to just laze around and indulge in fishing, waterskiing or go for swimming in the lakes. There’s hiking and biking in the countryside too.


The population has gone down due to extreme weather but now the Government is offering innovative schemes and incentives to bring in people to stay in.

Most of Chile

For start-up enthusiasts, Chile is the best choice. They pay approx. USD 50,000 to begin your business. Along with few criteria like analyzing your start-up potential, the other thing they look for is you have to reside in Chile for first 6 months. Along with funds, you are granted a one year work visa and a list of business contacts.


P.S: The good thing is English is the official language and widely understood

Pipestone, Manitoba, Canada

To boost their economy stand, the Rural Municipality of Pipestone in southwestern Manitoba pays you a grant of up to $32,000 to start a business. The town also allocates fund and help for you to build or buy a home.


Move in now because you never know this may be next big town of Canada.

Albinen, Switzerland

The quaint village of Albinen in picturesque Switzerland has population of 300 or so. That’s the government worried about. They pay approx. USD 25,000 per adult and USD 10,000 per child to move here.

Albinen, Switzerland

P.S: The scheme is only available for people aged below 45 and they are willing to invest at least 200,000 Swiss francs in property and live there for at least 10 years. Just to remind you, Switzerland is one of the best countries to live and work abroad.


Would you like to start a new life somewhere else? Then move in to these cities that pay you.

Note: The benefits were true at the time of publishing this article. Please check before proceeding.

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