#10YearChallenge – 10 Ways Travel Has Changed in Last 10 Years

A step back in the time and look forward to the future


2009 vs. 2019 – If you ask what has changed in just ten years, we say a lot. Technology has taken over everything. Travel in 2009 was all about endless browsing of travel brochures at the local travel agent, asking friends and relatives about budget travel, where to go, and so many things before planning that vacation. Cut to 2019. Open a smart travel app, get inspired by travel stories on blogs, Instagram, book your flights and hotels and you are ready to get to go for the long weekend getaway.

Destination Choices

From the popular holiday destinations like Paris, London, Switzerland, people are moving towards places like Seychelles, Lithuania, Tbilisi, Baku, Finland, & Iceland.


Most of these destinations would have seemed offbeat back in 2009 – a time when European & South Asia classics held near-total sway.


From traveling once or twice in a year in 2009 to getting away for an escape every long weekend in 2019– things have changed drastically.

Solo Travel

Solo Traveler

If you wished to travel solo in 2009 – there were questions about safety, access, and convenience. But today with information galore on the internet, solo travel is catching up.

Off-beat Experiences

Morocco Locals

Traveling for just sightseeing is so 2009 – today travelling to a new place can add up in your profile. From learning to cook local cuisine to training locals on new skills to taking part in local festivals – travel has changed 360 degrees since 2009.

Booking the Flight

The influx of low-cost airlines have made travel more comfortable, and cheaper today, back in 2009 these affordable flights option didn’t exist. Today you book a flight in a jiffy on your fingertips while in 2009 the neighborhood travel agency was your savior where you queued up for hours for that low fare ticket.


Booking the Hotel

Asking your near and dear ones about the hotels and then booking is so last century. Today in 2019 you have access to real customer reviews for hotels across the city you are visiting. With the option to choose from the central location to booking a sea side hotel or getting a stay in the countryside, you choose your stay depending on your convenience. And nowadays with home stays, you can even share your visit with a local, get actual insight on what to see and where to eat, and make new friends!

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Memories in Photos


Those albums are nostalgic, and nothing can beat that for sure. But today in the age of Instagram, there are more pics and lots of memories that you take away from all your trips.


With baggage charges going down and many airlines offering a certain amount of free baggage allowance, you can carry that Egypt Pyramid or Eiffel Tower souvenir for your friends and make them jealous.

There’s also the new baggage tracking service that secures your baggage and keeps you worry-free.

No more missed baggage. Here’s how.

Local Language

Holding a book that has all the local language translation is so 2009. In 2019, you have Apps to do that from Google Translate to iTranslate to SayHi.

Staying in Touch

Writing postcards has its charm, but they take time to write and reach. In the era of Whats App, WeChat, and other messaging apps where messages are delivered in a few seconds, you are never out of touch with your family and loved ones.

How different is your holiday now from 2009?


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