Tips for Being a Local in London – Do What Britons Do

London – the British capital is a city of hyperbole. London is the most welcoming city and popular for its tourism, media, culture, fashion, and countless museums. Its streets are packed with rich history, captivating culture and traditions, multicultural events and iconic landmarks; piquing people from all walks of life. However, in the huge crowd of tourists, the locals stand out. So what the Britons do that the tourists don’t. We tell you the secrets.

Be a Briton when in London – Tips to Master the Local Culture

Greeting Someone

Londoners are most welcoming with smiling faces. A firm handshake saying ‘how do you do’ is the common form of greeting anyone in London or Britain. Say hello and offer a pint to your new friend.

Greetings People in London

One secret to mix with locals lies simply in the use of “innit.” It is a colloquial abbreviation of “isn’t it?” For example, “it’s time for drink, innit?.”

No Cabs, Take a Bus to Roam Around

Londoners travel in buses and metro. Travel like a local to experience the real charm of this historic city.

London Buses

Note: London buses do not accept any cash. Take a wireless electronic smart-card, Oyster Card runs by Transport for London. It is the best option to navigate the sprawling city by Tube. Fast, clean, and efficient, and you can travel between the London’s neighborhoods easily, avoiding traffic. Fare of Oyster Card starts at $6.75 for single and one-way. It is a budget option rather hopping in a taxi if you are not traveling for far. Enjoying a ride on the top of a double-decker bus is a must of your trip.

No Malls, Shop @ the Local Markets

Everyone knows that London is one of the popular shopping capitals of the world. But you can find truly authentic souvenirs only at its markets. Make sure to shop from London storied markets.

London Markets

Tourists looking for antiques may head to Portobello Road in Notting Hill especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Visit Borough Market to buy fine cheeses. Spend a morning at Columbia Road Flower Market – a pretty part of the London city.

Do’s and Don’ts When in the Big Ben City

  • Do pay a visit to museums. Best of them are free to see! Check what you can do for Free in London
  • Don’t stand on the left side of the escalator.
  • Always carry an umbrella with you. It rains a lot.
  • Don’t be critical about the London weather.
  • Do visit the old and rickety pubs. Pub crawl is perhaps the best activity you can do in London.
  • Don’t jump the queues.
  • Use a fork and knife when you’re eating a pizza.
  • Don’t stop suddenly when you’re walking on the pavements. If you need to stop to talk with or to take photograph, take a step aside, to the nearest building, and leave the pavement clear for people walking behind you.
  • Don’t freak out at the foxes.
  • Do converse quietly.
  • Do dress for where you’re going.
  • Stand on the right side of the escalator.

How to Dress like a Local in London?

During your visit, you will get a plenty of fashion inspo, and when it comes to dressing code, anything goes well in London. You should always remember that the weather is notoriously gloomy and grey.  So, whether it is winter or summer season, you should opt for plenty of layers, and a good pair of waterproof boots for walking around.

London Dressing Style

Pro-Tips: Always make sure to pack a few smart casual alternatives. For suppose, The American Bar in London has a strict no- sportswear policy.

And if you’re heading to any sports matches, don’t forget to pack a shirt or scarf in your favorite team’s colors – just make sure you’re sitting with the right fans and cheering up your much-loved team.

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