Live Your Italian Dream in Positano

There are vacations we take to break away from our dull routine. To feel the adrenaline rush to make sure that our hearts are still pulsating with the elixir of life. But then, there are vacations that we go on to clear our minds. To make sense of the jigsaw puzzle of life. To remind ourselves that we are not robots merely working our shifts on weekdays and indulging in leisure activities on weekends. Positano is one such destination where you can live your Italian dream and if you’re lucky you mind have that “eureka” moment where you find that missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle.

Top Things to do in Positano

Path of the Gods

The name “Sentieo degli Dei Lemon Point” translates to “The Gods’ Pathway”. Popularly known as the Footpath of the Gods, it is the most spectacular jewel in the crown of Positano; a jewel that completes its beauty. It is said that walking on this path is like walking through heaven. And who doesn’t want to experience a walk in paradise while they’re still alive! Enjoy the stunning views of stone ruins, grazing goats, old world fountains and the breathtaking Mediterranean landscape.

path of gods positanoJust walk

Sentiero degli Dei is actually outside Positano. Start your journey from Bomerano, a town near Positano. It is easy to navigate your way with road signs. The walk is not very difficult and even inexperienced people can easily do it. Moreover, there are multiple places to stop at for a short break. Several pick points fall on the way in case a traveler is too tired to walk. So, don’t worry about walking.

What’s more?

The road ends in Noelle.  And when the path ends you can go to Arienzo beach which is at the end of a steep path comprising of 1500 steps for an energizing swim.


capriTaking a ferry to the island of Capri is the touristiest thing that people who come to Positano do. Capri is a beautiful green island with enough tourist spots to be covered in a day. It is convenient and affordable. You could easily get on a ferry (there are frequent ferries going to Capri) and be back just in time for dinner to relax and rest.

Emerald Grotto

Grotto di Smeraldo aka Emerald Grotto is a must visit tourist spot in Positano. It’s an almost whimsical cave with many mind-captivating and heart-throbbing geological formations. If you want to be drenched in the complete magic of these caves, it is recommended that you take a tour of this place on a sunny day so that you can see the emerald water in its absolute radiance.

Emerald GrottoWhat’s with the name?

The water of this cave has a beautiful green colour especially when seen from inside, the water seems to be lit up. Hence, the name Emerald Grotto.

Amalfi coast

amalfi coastOne of the best experiences you can have while you’re in Positano is to explore the charming Amalfi coast by hiring a boat. Even you thing you’ve seen enough of the coast by doing town hopping on land, trust me, seeing it from a boat will be a completely different experience. The sense of being on water looking at the wonderful bounty of nature makes you feel things you didn’t even know you were capable of feeling. It is nothing like anything.


After indulging in all the adventures, why not reward yourself with a little shopping! In the stylish streets of Postiano you get everything from the dresses that would make anyone’s head turn, artworks to fuel your creative spirit, local food for all the foodies out there, gorgeous footwear for all kinds of outfits and much more.

shoppingFor pretty handmade sandals:

La Botteguccia Da Giovanni is a shop where you can get handmade sandals of your choice. You just have to tell the cobbler your preference and he will make you a pair of sandals right before your eyes. Now wouldn’t that be an interesting souvenir from Positano!

How to reach Positano?

  • The best way is to take a flight to Naples International Airport which is well linked to the Central Station where you get frequent buses and trains to Amalfi Coast.
  • The other alternative is to fly to Roma Fiumicino, the second closest airport to Amalfi Coast.

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